Katie Couric's Return to Broadcasting Proves that Lying Is Okay If You're Lying About the Right Thing

Disgraced journalist Katie Couric was figuratively run out of town after she was caught blatantly lying in her anti-gun documentary “Under the Gun,” and was discovered intentionally trying to make pro-gun advocates look like ignorant, and unintelligent bumpkins when they were actually knowledgeable and succinct.


Couric has more or less kept her head down after the incident. After all, she made a fool of herself, and not only with the blatant lies within the documentary. She also issued a non-apology that was panned by almost everybody. Not only did Couric vilify herself in order to push an agenda, she didn’t even seem to feel bad about it. The whole incident tarnished Couric’s reputation.

But now that some time has passed, it seems the mainstream media is ready to have her back. According to TV Newser, Couric will return to NBC in order to co-host the 2018 Peyongchang Olympics with Mike Tirico.

The appearance is for the Olympics only, but regardless of the — for now — brief stint, Couric is proof that being a disgraced journalist isn’t a career ender so long as you were disgraced lying about the right things.

Journalists make mistakes all the time. I can attest. Being only human we are limited to the resources we have at our disposal, and with a lack of omniscience, mistakes are bound to happen in reporting. That’s understandable.

However, Couric attempted to paint a picture with partisan lies about firearms and those who support gun rights as ignorant savages and may have even broken some gun laws during the filming. What Couric did wasn’t a simple mistake, it was the use of her platform to falsely smear good people and the rights they uphold in order to push an agenda, and then pass it off as actual journalism.


What message does this send that Couric can reappear in front of a camera for a major event? That lying is okay so long as you lie in the right direction? That demonizing innocent people is fine so long as these people fall outside the approved ideology?

I want to believe this one-off appearance for the Olympics is the last time we’ll see Couric, but that would make little sense. To me, this feels like more of a trial run to see how well she’s received by the public. I refuse to believe they couldn’t find anyone else to report on the Olympics. Someone with a much cleaner record.

Either way, it would appear journalistic integrity means little to the mainstream media. If you touch a woman inappropriately you’re gone — at least that’s how it is now that it’s a hot issue — but flat out lie about innocent people in order to push your agenda, and you’re still camera-worthy.


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