DISGUSTING: Leftists Celebrate the Suicide of Kentucky Republican

Kentucky Republican State Rep. Dan Johnson was under investigation for sexual misconduct allegations against a 17-year-old girl who claims Johnson attempted to “kiss” and “fondle” her in church while he was a pastor in 2012. However, it was announced Wednesday that he killed himself.


And leftists couldn’t be happier.

Johnson vehemently denied that any sexual impropriety took place in a press conference, saying that the woman’s accusations had no merit. However, the events drove Johnson to drive to drive to a nearby bridge, and shoot himself in the head.

But despite the tragic outcome of a man driven to suicide, and a devastated family, according to some leftists this is a net positive. Since Johnson was a Republican, this horrid outcome is actually pleasing. As pointed out by the Daily Wire, many leftists took to Twitter to celebrate.







When Republicans go low, the left sure does go high.

Rest assured, Johnson was accused of some heinous things, and his guilt would have warranted the appropriate punishments. However, celebrating the suicide of someone just because you don’t like his or her politics is a kind of low all its own.


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