New Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Attracting Conservatives In the Double Digit Percentile

A new CNN/ORC poll released today shows an interesting bit of data that should cause the Republican party to sit up and take notice.

Apparently, Trump is so disliked by and large that 17% of the Conservative movement has moved away from him, and has now said that they will be voting for Hillary Clinton instead.



That Clinton is moving Conservatives away with such a high percentage is not a good sign that the right wing will unify behind Trump come election day. While oftentimes people will abandon their 3rd party support for a primary candidate, right leaning voters aren’t migrating toward the largest right leaning party. This is very irregular, and as you can see, Gary Johnson – the primary benefactor of the protest vote – is losing steam as Clinton gains.

On the flip side, Trump is attracting people who identify as “liberal” as well, but only by 7%. An entire 10 point gap.

We often talk about partisan loyalty, but in 2016 we’re seeing a clear cut example of just how willing people are to cross the aisle and join their ideological opposites in order to keep Trump out of office.

It should be noted that we’re still 15 days away from the end, and these polls have been very volatile. It may come about that conservatives will return to the Republican party, but with a margin that large, it’s hard to say if the amount will make a difference.




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