WATCH: Top 5 Triggering Movies That Couldn't Be Made Today

Like it or not, we are a super PC culture. Weirdly, we can show nudity, sex, and grotesque violence – or pretty much all of Game of Thrones – but we don’t dare put one toe out of line when it comes to making light of our socio-political climate.


A shame too. Hollywood has become far too safe nowadays. What you can and can’t enjoy has become much narrower as time goes on.

Steven Crowder recently analyzed this for his radio show, and compiled a list of movies that no producer or actor would touch with a 10 foot pole. The oversensitivity of today would have news outlets and columnists across the globe hammering it relentlessly until there were protests outside the theaters, and critics everywhere were urging people not to see this movie.

Which would, of course, make everyone go see it.

Crowder’s list runs the gambit from movies you probably might not have heard of, to those you definitely have. The sad part is that many of these movies are incredibly good, and it’s sad that we may not see their like again in the near future. At least until this trendiness of being offended by everything has subsided.

Until then, we get the new all girl Ghostbusters.

Watch Crowder’s vid below.


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