The RNC Has Called a Meeting Tonight With Having Given No Agenda, or Reason

The RNC Has Called a Meeting Tonight With Having Given No Agenda, or Reason
The Republican National Committee logo is shown on the stage as crew members work at the North Charleston Coliseum, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016, in North Charleston, S.C., in advance of Thursday's Fox Business Network Republican presidential debate. (AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt)

The RNC is in turmoil right now. GOP leadership is abandoning their support for its own Presidential candidate left, and right. Even the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, is weighing the option.

On top of all that are rumors that the RNC is considering withdrawing their support from the Trump campaign and diverting all funds to down ballot races that could use the extra help. With Trump’s campaign akin to a lame horse, it would be considered a smart option to mitigate the damage as much as possible by securing house and senate seats.

And with that rumor hovering high in the air, the RNC has announced that it has called a conference call for its members this evening at 5pm EST. No agenda was given, but apparently the call is to last only 30 minutes.

That sounds more like an announcement then a conference.

Whatever plans the GOP has going forward will be damage control either way. Trump’s campaign has been burning to the ground since the audio released of him commenting about how his wealth and fame allows him to essentially do whatever he wants with women. This was followed by a whirlwind of stories released by Trump’s attitudes toward women, including a sexual assault allegation, and telling Howard Stern it’s okay to say that his daughter is a “piece of ass.”

This is typically beyond behavior that the GOP can tolerate, so this phone call may be the plan we’ve all been hearing about, and we might be seeing the end of the RNC’s part in the Trump campaign.

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