Paul Ryan Reportedly Considering Withdrawing His Endorsement of Trump

Donald Trump may have performed well last night, but not well enough. The bleed of Republican leadership from Trump’s ever shrinking support is likely to put his campaign into hypovolemic shock. Especially now that we wake up to the news that Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, is thinking about withdrawing his endorsement.

Politico has the story:

Ryan (R-Wis.) has publicly and privately grown dismayed by the tone and tenor of Trump’s campaign, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of his thinking. And Ryan has reviewed with close advisers whether to abandon the GOP nominee. The discussions occurred after the bombshell video Friday of Trump talking in predatory terms about his sexual exploits, but before the second presidential debate Sunday night.

While many Republicans have withdrawn their support – see the list here – Ryan walking away would be an atomic bomb for the Trump campaign. This would echo throughout the Republican party, it’s supporters, and indeed the nation. The Speaker who walked away from his candidate would be a historic moment in politics.

Furthermore, it would almost appear that Trump himself is willing to drag others down with him for their withdrawal. Taking to Twitter, Trump said that those who are withdrawing are “self righteous,” and said to watch their elections “go down.”

This is bad for the RNC as a whole, who have been mulling over closing the door on Trump, and withdrawing funding in order to put it into campaigns and elections down ballot. If Ryan decides to walk away, that just might happen.

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