During Conference Call, Reince Allays Rumors and Reassures That RNC Will Continue to Stick By Trump

The 30 minute conference call between members of the GOP, as reported about earlier today, has come and gone. According to sources, the call didn’t last 30 minutes, but merely 17. What’s more, it wasn’t what people thought it might be.


According to those sources, Reince wanted to allay many rumors and fears by reassuring everyone that the RNC was going full steam ahead alongside the Trump campaign.

This means that many of the rumors floating around about the RNC pulling it’s funding from Trump, and putting them into downballot races are likely untrue. Furthermore, this coincides with Ryan not revoking his endorsement of Trump, but stating he’ll no longer defend him, and “focused entirely on protecting our congressional majorities.”

According to Reince, even if they did want to kick Trump out, there’s no way they can do so.


There is some disagreement on that. It would be difficult, but not impossible. Some within the GOP would find this to be a much better option, and indeed many have fled the Trump campaign in droves, but apparently, Reince disagrees. The RNC will continue to support the current nominee…for better or worse.

And according to the latest polls, it’s the worst.


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