Meanwhile, Rubio Was In Florida During the Hurricane, Helping the People

While Trump’s latest iceberg is striking his campaign’s Titanic, one piece of news is quietly slipping through the cracks, and makes us wonder what might have been.


Hurricane Matthew struck Florida, causing damage and taking lives. The video and news reports have been highly disconcerting, but one good piece of news to come out of Florida came in the form of a former contender for President, Marco Rubio. The senator had personally come down to Daytona Beach to survey the damage, take pictures, and see where funding could help most.

Rubio says that he is confident about the federal governments involvement in helping Florida citizens get on their feet, and repair their communities, as well as the local government’s capability to assist where needed.

It’s always impressive to see lawmakers on scene, and Rubio sticking around even during the hurricane is a testament to his character as both a politician and a person. More importantly, I’m glad to see a lawmaker at the scene surveying the damage for himself, and gauging how best to handle the situation, and help the people with his own eyes.


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