WikiLeaks Founder Says His Dirt On Trump Can't Beat Trump's Already Public Insanity

WikiLeaks, the organization known to reveal hacked information from highly sensitive sources, has been revealing devastating information regarding the American presidential campaign.


Already having blown the DNC conspiracy to prevent Bernie Sanders from winning the Democratic primary (among other things) wide open, WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, has stated that he has some dirt on Hillary that could be even more damaging to her campaign. So damaging, that Assange believes she will have to stop and address it personally.

But what about Trump? Assange has stated that he’s currently working on getting Trump’s tax returns, but as it stands, Assange already has dirt on His Orangeness.

The problem? Anything that Assange has on Trump wouldn’t even remotely move our “WTF” dial an iota, because nothing he has is going to be as shocking or revealing as anything Trump has already shown us during his day to day insanity himself.

From The Hill:

“We do have some information about the Republican campaign,” he said Friday, according to The Washington Post.

“I mean, it’s from a point of view of an investigative journalist organization like WikiLeaks, the problem with the Trump campaign is it’s actually hard for us to publish much more controversial material than what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth every second day,” Assange said.

“I mean, that’s a very strange reality for most of the media to be in.”


While some – like Bill Maher – may say Assange is biased against Hillary, I can actually believe him here. Trump is clearly an unhinged mess of a man, and the more time goes on, the more unstable he seems to get. His public displays will likely overshadow any news Assange has to reveal.

Doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like to see what Assange has any less. According to the WikiLeaks head honcho, Clinton’s info is coming soon, but he has not told us when he plans to release any info on Trump.


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