Ken Cuccinelli Is Making Criminal Justice Reform a Priority, and the Right Should Too

Here at the Red State Gathering, some great ideas and subjects are being discussed. One of the most important, I feel, is the right’s blazing of the proverbial trail on criminal justice reform.


Criminal justice reform is something I’ve written about before, and as time goes on, it’s becoming the elephant in the right wing’s room. Not only has it proved to be an excellent way to cut costs in the various states that implement reforms, but it also lowers crime, and limits recidivism. For conservatives and libertarians, criminal justice reform is a no brainer.

One of the people leading the charge is none other than Virginia’s Ken Cuccinelli, who has been working with Right On Crime in order to further pursue the goal started by states like Texas, to cut back on everything from costs to crime.

I was fortunate to be able to sit down with Cuccinelli and discuss criminal justice reform, and get his expert opinion on the basics you need to know about this new venture in right wing politics.

Discussed in particular were subjects such as the origins of criminal justice reform, the government practice of seizing your property on a whim and without a warrant – known as civil asset forfeiture – and some plans in place to push CJR through now. Take a look!



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