Bad Lip Reading Hilariously Spoofs Ted Cruz's Speech at the RNC

And now for something completely different.

Ted Cruz’s speech at the RNC was nothing short of historical. The man got up, told people to vote their conscience, didn’t endorse Trump, and walked away as the convention, the media, and the political world exploded behind him.

This moment in history has to be memorialized, and the popular YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading did just that.

Not long ago, he tackled the Melania/Michelle speech given at the RNC after news broke that Melania Trump had lifted her speech directly from Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech.

Now he’s back to give Ted Cruz a go in an awesome bad lip reading called “Cruz Talks Trump,” as he has Cruz ripping his orangeness during his “speech.”

“They guy is way out of his mind, just like you people, I guess.”