Texas Delegates May Walk Out During Trump's Speech Tonight

Texas Delegates May Walk Out During Trump's Speech Tonight

Cruz’s speech at the RNC on Wednesday night completely threw the political world into an uproar, with people everywhere taking one side or another, either with with Cruz, or Trump. One group in particular seems to have, for the most part, decided to put themselves firmly in Cruz’s corner.

Stephen Gutowksi of the Free Beacon had the opportunity to speak with the Texas delegation about Cruz’s speech. According to them, they’re standing behind their senator…for the most part.

Approval for Cruz’s speech also seemed to fall on lines of age.

But of those that did approve, some have given notice that if Trump does decide to attack Cruz during this speech tonight, then they will walk out.

While most seem to be siding with Cruz, there is definitely some fracturing within the Texas delegation. Earlier today this argument was recorded between a young Trump supporter, and a man who supports Cruz.

Whether Trump will make mention of Cruz or not is yet to be seen. If Trump wants to keep up appearances of being the outsider at war with the “establishment,” he probably will. If he does, then it seems we an expect the Texas delegation to do a disappearing act.


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