Oh, Okay! Then I Guess Just Pout: Dems Have "Sit-In" For Gun Control

I can remember sitting down and getting all indignant when I didn’t get my way as a younger Brandon. Truth be told, it was never an effective tactic, and I always just ended up looking like a bratty kid with a pouty lip.


But that’s the tactic some of our left-leaning elected officials decided to utilize on Wednesday, because they wanted gun control, and weren’t getting it.

Tim Young has the right of it. Let’s keep in mind that the Democrats are doing this because they blame the tool, and not the trade. Mateen, the perpetrator of the Orlando killings, was an adherent of Islam, and a fan of ISIS. Instead of facing the enemy that is literally killing Americans, however, they pout on the House floor until what? Someone takes them seriously?


This isn’t some University protest where the staff and admin may cave to a bunch of neon haired foot stampers with a picket sign and a chip on their shoulder. This is the decision center of the most powerful nation on the planet. And here the Democrats are, embarrassing the nation by looking like a bunch of children with lower lips protruding over a cause that’s not going to happen.

The Democrats have effectively turned the House into a daycare. A daycare of impotent rage, and old people tantrums. I hope the Democrats that elected them are just as embarrassed as the rest of us are.


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