Europe Has a More Conservative View On Abortion Than Americans Do

Europe Has a More Conservative View On Abortion Than Americans Do

Here in America, there is a sub-culture that has risen around the very concept of abortion. So infested with the idea that it’s tied to “women’s health” – it’s actually very unhealthy – and viewed as a gauge of women’s freedom, that it’s gotten to the point where an almost religious like devotion has developed around it.

But this “war on women” only feels like a war on women to those who think mostly of themselves, and dismiss the life the issue revolves around; the life that’s to be taken. In America, it’s very easy to get an abortion due in part to the fervor of the abortion industry advocates and their political allies.

But in Europe, the place that leftists consider to be the model of civilization, abortion isn’t so simple.

Talk show host, Elisha Krauss, put out a video with the help of PragerU to highlight just how Europe views the practice of abortion, and how they practice far more caution than we do here in America.

“It happens to be much more restrictive than that of the United States,” says Krauss on abortion laws in Europe. “That’s right. Western Europeans, as as progressive and secular as they are, have a much more conservative attitude about abortion than American progressives do.”

Krauss goes on to explain the laws in various countries, such as Germany, where abortions become illegal after the 12 week mark of the pregnancy, and there is even a 3 day waiting period, as well as mandatory counseling before the abortion can be performed.

“That’s more restrictive than Texas.” says Krauss.

Compare that to the US where abortions are legal all the way up to the 20th weeks, and some states go beyond that, even up to the point of it being a fully viable baby.

Krauss also touches on Belgium, which only permits abortion up to the 12th week. “After that an abortion is permitted only if the woman’s life is in danger,” says Krauss. “Furthermore, any woman getting an abortion must wait 6 days after her first medical consultation before an abortion can be performed.”

Krauss goes on to discuss other countries that restrict the use of abortion, including Denmark, Finland, and even France who puts a arrêtez on abortion after 12 weeks, and then makes it much more difficult. 

Watch the full video here.

Women here in the US will likely do a surprising 180 and say that Europe is heretical on abortion rights, though they’ve praised it as anything but in every argument they’ve ever had with a conservative. Even I, who usually finds Europe a rather backward place on so many issues, am more than a little surprised to find it so reasonable and considerate about such a hot button issue.

For the first time, I’m going to suggest that we in America consider the way European countries handle such an important issue, especially this one, which involves the termination of an innocent human life.

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