Trump Could Consider a Democrat VP According to Carson

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Ben Carson has made it clear that he has no desire to be Vice President, but did have some interesting words to say in regards to Trump’s criteria for a pick.

As reported by WSJ:

‘Ben Carson, the former rival now helping presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump choose a running mate, said Thursday he doesn’t want the position and that Democrats may be among those considered.’

“I’m not interested in doing that for a number of reasons,” Mr. Carson said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “I don’t want to be a distraction. I’m sure you remember how crazy the media was about me, I don’t want to be a distraction, it’s too important a time in our life.”’

Birds of a leftist feather will flock leftist together, and Trump’s Democratic tendencies would make a Democrat for a VP make sense. Over the past couple days, we’ve watched Trump soften on positions that Republicans generally reject, such as his willingness to raise the minimum wage.

While Trump has stated that there is a 40% chance that he will pick his VP among his 16 defeated opponents, the fact that he’s also considering a Democrat for VP only lends weight to everything those 16 opponents had said about him at one point in time, and only solidifies the claims of the Never Trump movement.

It will, however, throw a monkey wrench into Hillary’s gears. While a Democratic VP pick may permanently close the door with any Republicans on the fence, it could open up a whole new world to disaffected Democrats who didn’t want to see Hillary sitting in the White House. Trump’s obvious move toward the moderate side of things lately could make him attractive, and with a Democrat as a veep, he could steal the vote, and we might see a Trump presidency.

Sorry, folks. Just trying to prepare you for a nightmare scenario before it’s sprung on you.

Enjoy Arby’s.

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