White House Censoring Out French President's Use Of the Word "Islamic Terrorist"

The censoring trend doesn’t just stop at social justice warriors, and Twitter. Apparently the White House wants in on the game, and it’s more than happy to censor foreign world leaders in order to keep the narrative on track.


French Pres. Francois Hollande, during a press event with President Obama, said that “Islamic terrorism,” is at the “roots of terrorism.” He has every reason to mention this, as it was just last year that 130 people were killed and many more were injured, after ISIS suicide bombers opened fire on a theatre filled with unarmed people.

The official White House transcript has Hollande stating, “But we’re also well aware that the roots of terrorism, Islamist terrorism, is in Syria and in Iraq.”

According to MRCtv.org, the White House pulled the initial video of both Hollande and the translator, and replaced it with a censored version that has both completely cut out during the sentence in question. You can see the video below.

This is something of a slap in the face to the French, whose families are still dealing with the aftermath of the ISIS attack, and by which Hollande has stated that he will hunt the terrorist group mercilessly. That we refuse to acknowledge the mortal enemies of our friends is something of an insult.


This isn’t necessarily surprising, however. Obama himself has had a hard time even getting the words “Islamic” and “terrorism” into the same sentence. In fact, during his part of the meeting, the word “Islam” didn’t pass through his lips once.

The press event, especially after the censoring of Hollande’s willingness to call a spade a spade, will likely not inspire too much confidence in the international community on the United State’s willingness to deal with a very real threat. What it very well may do, is continue to inspire the confidence of Islamic terrorists who won’t be too scared of a President that is too afraid to even mention them by occupation.



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