CBS News 'Exposé' on Jack Teixeira's 'Cache' of Guns Shoots Blanks

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Either CBS News is this oblivious or the government is cooking up allegations.

As the case of Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira continues to unfold, CBS News has come out with a new exclusive report about the details of the private life of the classified intelligence leaker. The 21-year-old is currently being held, and his former unit has been stripped of any more access to sensitive information.


But in a new development, Catherine Herridge filed a report with specifics on Teixeira’s status based on a court filing from the Justice Department. In a brief filed with the court, the DOJ is suggesting that Teixeira is a flight risk, and they list off a number of reasons they call for the court to have him remain in custody.

A Wednesday court filing by the Justice Department includes new evidence that alleges a history of violent and racist remarks. Hours before Jack Teixeira’s scheduled court appearance, federal prosecutors filed a memo arguing for his confinement. According to the 18-page memo, federal investigators found a gun locker at his mom’s house outside Boston, with a cache of weapons and tactical gear surrounding his bed.

As Herridge details these claims, snapshots of Teixeira’s bedroom are brought up on screen. She then moves on to the other components of this filing, which lists off a number of things allegedly said by Teixeira about weapons, Molotov cocktails, and general threats. These occurred five years ago, which would make him 16 years old at the time.


To say all of this makes the case less against Teixeira and more about our military complex is just the start. One of the initial questions asked when it was learned that this young soldier had posted sensitive information with online video game platforms was: How was this 21-year-old granted access to such sensitive information? 

Now, the DOJ filing claims that several red flags were known years ago. How was he then vetted to handle classified documents, and for that matter, how was he accepted into the military at all, if he was known to be this dangerous of an individual? But their case takes an even more severe hit when we go back and look at those photos provided by CBS and Herridge.

That this is a report rooted deep in supposition is quickly made obvious. While Herridge delivers what is supposed to sound like grave details, a number of details remain untouched.

  • Teixeira is not charged with any gun crime.
  • He is not charged with any violent act.
  • He is not said to have been in possession of weapons illegally.
  • It is not strange to have a soldier in possession of weapons or tactical gear.

Then, there is one more glaring detail that calls into question Herridge’s entire report, as well as the filing made by the DOJ based on the evidence in Teixeira’s room. The guns that are shown on the air have a distinct appearance that should have tipped off everyone: Those are toy weapons on display.


Note the red tips on the ends of all the barrels, indicating these are most likely Airsoft rifles, the likes of which fire plastic pellets launched with compressed air. This is a sheer embarrassment for all involved. CBS News completely missed this as it displayed the guns on the air, but we have come to expect (if not accept) gun ignorance from journalists.

The other matter is the federal authorities putting out this idiocy. They clearly have to be in the know, and if this is what they are using to justify having Teixeira remain in custody, then this case is about to raise significantly more questions. If they are selling us on the concept of this group of toy guns being held up as a “cache of weapons,” then there are serious problems within the DOJ.

The more this case evolves, the more it reflects badly on the feds. How they allowed this National Guardsman to access deeply sensitive information was bad enough, and now we get this farce of a court filing being made? While his lawyers will surely have a field day with this development, the press appears perfectly content with the information being spoonfed to them by the authorities. No one comes out looking good as a result.

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