Our Risible Year: The News Nonsense, Media Mirth, and Political Peculiarities of 2022

As the end-of-year compilations are rolling out, this is a rundown of the overlooked oddities that fueled our news cycles throughout the calendar.

While many in the media will be taking the opportunity of a new year to look back on the old news most will be focusing on the items that stand out in all our minds. What is the point in recalling the familiar? We all still have tangible recollections about the January 6 committee, the rollback of Roe vs. Wade, election dysphoria, and Twitter drama – so why rehash the obvious?


For fun, let us climb back through the months and recall those newsworthy distractions, the political curiosities, and the meandering media offerings that delivered mockery and distractions away from gravely serious events we were supposed to care about deeply and cling to the press for continued outrage. Let’s recall some of the fun.



  •  The year kicked off with the press positively vibrating at the chance that they could celebrate the January 6 anniversary. MSNBC and CNN carried 24-hour coverage to rehash all the details they’d obsessed over for a year already. Nobody cared
  • As there was a rift between the COVID adherents and those embracing the freedom to live our lives, a Montreal reporter fled Canadian COVID restrictions only to then scold Florida for being a free and open tropical version of the wild west.
  • Biden called Peter Doocy a “Stupid sonuvabitch.” Brian Stelter was so sure Fox would spend time making this an issue he declared Let’s acknowledge that Fox is milking this exchange for all its worth.” Of course, the network did not. Doocy instead was hilarious about it
  • Deadspin slammed Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel as just another “white guy” hired in the NFL. McDaniel is actually bi-racial.
  • The press, which normally loves protests, disapproved of the Canadian Trucker protest because it was against COVID lockdowns which the press also loves. 
  • Neil Young tried to create a movement to get Joe Rogan removed from Spotify. It led to Neil Young being removed from Spotify.
  • Nebraska updated its mascot, Herbie Husker, because a few dolts suggested its old image of him displaying the “okay” finger gesture was a white supremacist symbol
  • Penzey’s Spices ran a promotion that declared all Republicans are racist. Within a couple of weeks, the company lost tens of thousands of customers.



  • The Beijing Olympics were largely a fiasco, punctuated by the Chi-Coms shutting down a Dutch reporter live on the air.



  • As some space debris crashed into the waters off of the coast of Iceland, the Daily Mail offered some unhelpful supernal measurements for readers. It described the impact as being from an asteroid “half the size of a giraffe.”
  • During confirmation hearings, judicial nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is asked to define what a woman is, and drops the meme-launching quote, “I’m not a biologist.”
  • Will Smith delivers some Oscars news for a change after he strikes Chris Rock live on stage.  
  • The Sun-Sentinel editorial board idiotically says Ron DeSantis had been “outmaneuvered” by ‘Don’t Say Gay’“– The bill not only passed but polls showed strong support from voters.
  • During the January 6 committee investigation, Bob Woodward broke the news that White House phone logs had hours of missing entries. After numerous screeching news reports, it was discovered they were fully provided. 
  • With the story of trans swimmer Lia Thomas becoming all the rage, the Today Show was caught softening the features of Thomas in one image to fit the narrative.
  • After a portion discussing soldiers suffering long-term effects in regards to burn pits, Nancy Pelosi made a bizarre and giddy little dance during the State of the Union Address.











  • A number of outlets spread a Ron DeSantis story from Salon that was not only a year old but had been thoroughly debunked in the summer of 2021.
  • Gavin Newsom runs his laughable “Freedom” commercial in Florida.





  • Biden gives his widely mocked Red Sermon speech. CNN attempts to soften the oppressive visuals in real time.




  • Biden says he was raised as a Puerto Rican. No fact-checkers look into this.

  • James Corden was in a weeks-long feud with New York restaurant Balthazar.
  • Journalists scorched Dasha Burns for reporting on the condition she witnessed of John Fetterman.
  • As the Los Angeles Commission member Nury Martinez racism scandal erupts, it leads to press excuses of “Hispanic white supremacy.
  • Climate protestors glued themselves to the floor at a Porsche plant in Germany. They deleted the tweet (the text seen here) where they complained about being locked inside by plant workers without heat or being given the means to go to the bathroom.
  • Jenn Rubin ignorantly slams Ben Sasse for going to the University of Florida as being unqualified. He formerly was a University president.
  • Yahoo Finance got to the bottom of the diaper crisis. 








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