Will Smith's Violent Outburst at the Oscars Shows a Man Broken and Emasculated

If you were asleep or weren’t on social media last night, you are probably waking up to clips of a violent incident that occurred at the Oscars. As RedState reported, Will Smith decided to storm the stage and slap Chris Rock after the latter made a mundane joke about Smith’s wife.


While some initial reactions were that it must have been staged, there’s an extended video that clearly shows it wasn’t. This is also not the kind of thing you stage without immediately admitting it was and laughing it off.

The reactions were swift, with most normal people condemning Smith’s actions while the Hollywood crowd seemed keener to defend them. In fact, just minutes later, Smith was given a standing ovation after receiving the award for best actor. Remember, these are the same people who decry toxic masculinity only to celebrate it the moment it is convenient.

Regardless, I think this episode is indicative of far more than Smith feeling like he needed to defend his wife’s honor on live TV over a “GI Jane 2” joke. Comedians make jokes, and when they host the Oscars, it is a given they will roast some people in the audience (and this didn’t even qualify as that). The sane reaction is to laugh it off, which is what Smith originally did before his wife made it clear that wasn’t acceptable. The loss of control, the walk on stage, and the slap heard around the world all followed.

What we saw in Smith’s actions was a man who was broken and emasculated, not by anything that happened last night, but by a spouse that has thoroughly abused him via the ridiculous, paradoxical arrangement of an “open marriage.” In fact, a few years ago (per The Daily Wire), Jada Pinkett Smith decided it was a good idea to drag her husband onto her podcast show so she could rub salt in the wound, showing no contrition at all for her actions.


The “Bad Boys” actor was in the know about the affair, the couple discussed. “There’s never been secrets,” Pinkett Smith said.

However, Smith did not give “permission,” since, argued Pinkett Smith, “the only person who could give permission in this particular circumstance was myself.”

Smith agreed.

“It was a relationship,” Pinkett Smith admitted, adding, “I was in a lot of pain, and I was very broken.”

“I just wanted to feel good,” she explained. “And it was a real joy to help heal somebody.”

Pinkett Smith said she felt she was trying to heal her own childhood trauma but trying to fix others in need like Alsina.

Smith was visibly uncomfortable during portions of the “Red Table Talk” discussion, at one point comparing himself to a politician’s wife at a presser as the husband discloses his “transgressions,” a term Pinkett Smith objected to.

Instead of demanding an end to such a toxic situation, Will Smith simply reinforced it. A year later, he spoke with GQ, proclaiming his wife’s promiscuity as the “highest definition of love.” Of course, it’s anything but, and it’s exactly how you get a grown man freaking out at the Oscars and open-hand slapping someone for making a mild joke.

Smith’s problem is not with Chris Rock. Rather, it’s with his wife, whether he wants to admit it or not. Marriages are not designed to be “open.” You do not find happiness and purpose in allowing your spouse to participate in such behavior. It becomes especially egregious when that spouse then demands you get violent to defend her “honor” when she obviously won’t defend yours.


These are the consequences of secularists bastardizing the concept of marriage, trying to form it into something that fits their hedonistic wants without a care for what it actually means. God designed marriage as a place of monogamy, love, and sacrifice. While Smith claims to have one out of three, you can’t just punt on commitment and selflessness. The lack of those things is what has brought him to the point of such emotional instability.

Will Smith is a broken man. Far short of dunking on him as a cuckold as many are currently doing, I actually feel immense sympathy for him. He needs prayer, not social media takedowns.


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