We Have the Solution for the Dystopian Media

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Yes, the journalism industry is unraveling. No, It does NOT mean there is little we can do.

While a severe flaw has been seen in the journalism complex of our nation over the past generation or so, we have watched this problem metastasize in the press at a rapid rate over the past few years. The problem is spreading, but the effects have also been mitigated to a degree through the use of exposing their game. This has led to some behavioral issues, a sign that pushing back against the efforts has had an effect.


It has been with some comedy that recently, some members of the press have tried to paint themselves as warriors of the truth. Efforts were made in placing them in the same category as police and firefighters or going so far to compare the press to our military, and declaring they are the sole protectors of democracy, as that entity is something that will die in the darkness. But as their practices become exposed, there is a shift in behavior.

Look at how these strident soldiers of facts become shaken by items anyone with character would dismiss. They police the language and declare spoken words to be violent. They become faint at the expression “Let’s Go Brandon,” calling it a vulgar insult of Joe Biden. (These same twinks, by the way, were actually applauding when a member of Congress used an actual vulgarity towards the previous president.) Just try to find that warrior spirit in this media member, who was rendered aghast by the sight of someone eating pretzels a distance away from their position.

One other sign of the press operating in poor faith has been the aggressive stance taken towards the populace, the very gentry on whose behalf their industry is allegedly charged with protecting and serving. Many journalists were aghast when some dared suggest they were operating as the enemy of the people; the mere accusation was seen as a violent attack. The issue — looking at their recent behavior defies their emotional reaction.


For over a year, journalists have demonized anyone resistant to their COVID mandates. They strive to ostracize those who decline a vaccine. Currently, the media are teamed up to declare 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse as guilty, ignoring facts of the case as they do. They gathered to call the Virginia voters ‘white supremacists,’ because they supported POC candidates in their state. Parents were comfortably referred to as domestic terrorists by the National School Board Association, and the press was content to defend the accusers

These, and numerous others, are not the actions of those who are allies of The People.

I fully realize that I am not breaking any news when I detail that our country’s 4th Estate — The Press- – has become a roiling cabal of distemper. Most are well attuned to the concept that the major news outlets are engaged in narrative spinning and news cycle crafting. There is a purpose, however, to not only point out their behavior but detail their methods and display their agenda.

It is one thing to simply write off the biased outlets and stop using them as a valid source. (The ratings at CNN, as an example, show this is happening.) But there is a need to also push back on the storylines and the intentions, because while their influence is dwindling, they still wield some influence. It is helpful to see their tactics, because then you can begin the work of countering those narratives. To use a sports analogy, we may have the better team, but the game is tougher when the refs are on the side of our opponents. To neutralize this rigged arrangement, we need to see their playbook.


Here at RedState myself and fellow scribe Sister Toldjah in particular, and most of us in general, are keen to highlight these issues in the media. Additionally, I have a daily column at parent site Townhall — Riffed From The Headlines — where I collocate and catalog the various ways the press operates with their intended goals. I have compiled about two dozen categories to illustrate the numerous methods the journalists and news outlets employ to push their political agenda and battle their perceived opponents. For a time that column is available without a subscription.

The VIP membership becomes a key component to our collection of Townhall Media news sites. The bulk of the work I and many others undertake involves confronting these entities in the news complex, and those same entities use their influence against us in return. We become a threat to their insulated echo chambers, so through the use of different ploys, they attempt to squelch our voices. Our work is denigrated and slandered in the news cycle, and they deploy their fact-checkers on social media platforms to misrepresent our content and have it shielded or removed. 

This is where the VIP service is vital. We have these subscription portals available to serve as a firewall against that silencing effort. Under the VIP banner, we are free of these censoring attempts, able to deliver this needed content, while readers have unfettered access to the reports that counter the biased narratives and show where the press is committing malpractice against their stated mission. 


Plus, the VIP subscriptions bring in more than just political frontline battles. We continue to expand into the culture and other venues of society, including my regular column, Dipsology: Beyond The Basics, a guide of exploration to other facets of cocktails and leisure. So, whether it is combating the media with ridicule and exposure, or delivering a needed respite for you from the contentious social upheaval, you can benefit by joining our select group of readers and savoring the content prepared just for your sensibilities.

Look into our service, with the deep discounts still offered through this weekend. Use the offer code below, and begin to enjoy our offerings curated to your tastes.

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