'Journalist' Goes Full Enemy of the People, and He Can Go Pound Sand

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My apologies if there are any conservatives left out there who still feel uncomfortable calling some (many?) members of the media enemies of the people. But at some point, if the shoe fits, it just fits.


Enter this MSNBC interview where a “journalist” from the New Yorker straps the skis on and does a double back-flip over the shark. To a complete lack of push-back from the anchor, Steve Coll suggests that free speech is being “weaponized” and that other journalists are must be keenly aware of what’s happening. You know, because they are like a special class of savant or something that can simply perceive what the rest of us peons can’t.

What’s so funny here is that Coll is whining about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, who quite literally have been suppressing conservative speech for a long time. The most recent, or at least the most recently visible example being how they handled the Hunter Biden story. Facebook was actually the first to “limit” distribution despite having no facts whatsoever to show the story was false. Of course, as we all know, the story was not false. It was completely true, yet the New York Post paid the price anyway, being banned from weeks from certain social media sites.


This is what living in a fantasy-world looks like. These “gatekeepers” already have the system rigged, but it’s still not enough for them. They also want to stop you (and RedState, other outlets, etc.) from even being able to post your opinions on the internet. They see free speech as an outdated vestige whose remnants are standing in the way of allowing them to garner even more power. What’s worse is that Coll has made his biggest mark actually teaching journalism at Columbia. If these are the people raising up the next generation, it’s no wonder our news industry is so in the toilet.

Notice the arrogance displayed here as well, as if journalists are some kind of special, protected class that deserves to be able to curtail free speech. What exactly is being weaponized against them anyway? And who describes an inalienable right that way? This is far more simple than these self-important, conceited people make it. It’s not really about weaponized free speech. They just don’t want any competition. They are political partisans and want to be able to say and do what they want. That includes pushing their chosen narratives unchallenged at any given time. Unfortunately for their wants, that’s not the world we live in. RedState is here. Lots of other outlets are out there also doing great work, and we aren’t going away. The New Yorker can continue to die its slow death as people flee from their lack of credibility. Free speech is the bedrock of this nation, and it will continue to be so whether Coll likes it or not.


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