To Democrats, Words Are More Dangerous Than Physical Violence

The Democrats are crying foul over a college student videotaping Congressman Etheridge’s assault.You see, it was a right-wing ambush and Bob Etheridge was justified in assaulting the college student. Caught on tape, Etheridge pulled the student’s hand toward him and the student asked to be released. Etheridge refused. This all happened after the student asked Etheridge if the Congressman supported the Obama agenda.Contrast this to the Democrats’ handling of the George Allen incident. Caught on tape referring to a Democratic operative shadowing him on the campaign trail as “macaca”, the Democrats declared Allen an open racist and, together with allies in the media, demanded apology after apology as they declared Allen unfit to serve the Senate and defeated him.The level of outrage was overwhelming.And now? The kid deserved it. Apparently the Democrats are all going to the Kennedy School these days for degrees — degrees of felonies and misdemeanors that is.



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