After Weeks of Promises in the Press, Where Are the Football Super-Spreader Events?


There may be no better illustration that the press abhors positive pandemic news than the reality that America is returning to normalcy in a relatively safe fashion. This month, both college and professional football teams returned to the field of play. The difference — the fans were also permitted to return to their seats and cheer their teams on, and this upset plenty of the correct people.


Throughout the media, we had commentary on the dangers this posed, with hectoring voices noting how few of those in attendance had masks on. One of the more amusing comments was seen on CNN, where Ana Cabrera was clearly shaken by the images. “I just can’t get over the pictures of those outdoor stadiums,” said Cabrera, visibly rendered by the visuals of fans attending games. Better still was her medical expert guest.

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Cabrera brought on Dr. William Schaffner, medical director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases. He, too, was supremely bothered by the crowds enjoying themselves, “People are cheering and enthusiastic, exhaling with vigor; if there are people infected, they can infect people around them … Nobody was wearing a mask … I’d be very surprised if we didn’t have outbreaks.”

Not to be outdone, America’s foremost authority, our Contradiction General Dr. Anthony Fauci also came on CNN to declare that, “I don’t think it’s smart,” regarding fans returning to stadiums. “We could be stuck in outbreak mode and that’s why I think what you’re going to be seeing is…a lot more local mandates,” Fauci said. Well, give the good doctor credit — he is at least consistent.


Taking a look at some of the biggest crowds on Labor Day weekend — and there were over 70 games played — the outbreak is actually going down. The promises of these games leading to super spreader spikes have been shown to be a bust. Here are the returns on some of the larger crowds, with the 7-day moving average of cases counted on the weekend of the game, and that seen today. SOURCE — The CDC.

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The kickoff game between Alabama and the University of Miami (played in Atlanta) — Attendance 71,829

  • Cases 7-day average 7,876 – 4,651

Kent State at Texas A&M — Att. 97,339

University of Louisianna at University of Texas — Att. 91,113

  • 7-day average 16,847 – 10,447

Florida Atlantic University at University of Florida — Att. 86,840

Notre Dame at Florida State — Att. 68,316

  • 7day Average 16,363 – 8,004

San Jose State at University of Southern California — Att. 54,398

Louisianna State at UCLA — Att. 68,123

  • 7-day Average  13,493 – 7,511

Then on week-2, September, 11

Mercer University at University of Alabama — Att. 95,396

  • 7-day Average 4,632 – 3,142

University of Oregon at Ohio State — Att. 100,482

  • 7-day Average 6,719 – 4,875

University of Toledo at Notre Dame — Att. 62,009

  • 7-day Average 4,399 – 3,133

Ball State at Penn State — Att. 105,323

  • 7-day Average 4,106 – 4,101

In the face of such hateful data points, certainly, you can see the lockdown doctors being perturbed. What is inexcusable however are the journalists who were diligently covering the supposed dangers of attendance but then falling silent weeks later when the results come in. Clearly, they were not covering a story but pushing an agenda. Conflicting facts that interrupt the scripted plotline are dismissed and ignored.


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