After ‘60 Minutes’: CBS News Contributes to Vaccine Hysteria With Recklessly Misleading Headlines

As the media dumps on Tucker Carlson they are not policing themselves in the same fashion.

You would think that CBS News, after the debacle of the laughably inept report on its flagship investigative program “60 Minutes,” would work diligently to repair its image and install faith once again in its journalism. Not so much, it appears.


Throughout the Covid outbreak, one of the constant aggravations from the press has been the rampant contradictions in coverage. One of the latest involves the call to not politicize the pandemic, all while they have been perfectly willing to do exactly that. Just recently we saw where YouTube flew against the call to support doctors and follow the science when the platform took down videos posted by the media, due to disinformation. That the video consisted of a meeting between doctors and epidemiologists appears lost on the narrative police at YouTube.

We are now in the midst of hysterics regarding the vaccines. The latest drama surrounds the Johnson & Johnson vaccine being removed from the market for now due to claims it is leading to blood clots. The numbers are infinitesimal on this matter and the overreaction is leading to conflicting messaging and confusion among those in the public. But the press has been accusing Tucker Carlson of spreading misinformation and causing doubts about vaccinations. Well, now enters CBS News.

That outlet posted a story that not only suggested that the Pfizer vaccine was equally capable of leading to blood clots, but it also stated it boldly in its headline.


So CBS, already looking like a factory of bias, continues to churn out the hysterics over facts. The problem with this headline? It is completely contradicted by the opening sentence in the article!

London — A study by researchers at Oxford University in England suggests the risks of experiencing dangerous, rare blood clots in the brain are far higher in those who catch the coronavirus than in those who get either the AstraZeneca vaccine, or the vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna in the U.S. 

Serious question — how does any news organization do this, let alone a mainstream network, and one that has recently drawn attention to itself with a deeply-flawed, biased hit piece delivered in prime time? Many in the media are currently slamming not just Tucker but Fox News in general, for delivering questionable content on the vaccines. Yet, here is CBS News sending out a hyped headline that is completely fraudulent. The piece has since had its headline altered to a less extreme version: Study shows vaccines carry much lower risk of blood clots than COVID-19. (Fragments of the original headline still exist in the URL.)

Not only is this patently the wrong delivery, but the data contained should be stressed to battle back against the recent overreaction to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. As CBS reveals, very deep in the article, “The research by Oxford found that about 39 of every 1 million people who contract COVID-19 are likely to experience clots on the brain.” For comparison, the panic over the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is due to an incident rate of just 6-per-million.


This means all the hysterics on that vaccine have been made over a side effect that is actually more than six times higher if you contract Covid-19. This is some serious mishandling of information and remarkably bad decision-making, leading to a serious public disservice. Now we have a major news outlet delivering misinformation on the vaccines, and there is not a word from those usually bleating the loudest over these kinds of accusations. It seems the press has been inoculated from common sense.


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