CNN's Brian Stelter Believes You May Get Vaccinated if Only Fox News Stars Will Show You Selfies

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We’re living in a sophisticated age.

Apropos, CNN host Brian Stelter reckons Fox News personalities should take more selfies.

Of themselves getting vaccinated, that is.


Then, he asserts, they should share the pharmaceutical-friendly photos.

For Sunday’s edition of Reliable Sources, Brian welcomed Media Matters Senior Fellow Matt Gertz.

And a major message was dispensed: If FNC’s Steve Doocy would only get the COVID-19 shot during a broadcast, he would literally “save the lives of his viewers.”

Others on the network could do the same.

Easy peasy.

Brian Amen’d over inspiration:

“We’ve seen a lot of vaccine selfies from lots of folks at lots of different networks. It’s been really inspiring to see.”

Case in point: Rachel Maddow, who’d admitted she was “really fearful.”

And a group on the Today show.

So why are those at Fox dragging their feet?

“[E]verybody else is doing it, right, Matt? I mean, all across television, all these anchors are rolling up their sleeves. Why do you think we haven’t seen the biggest stars on Fox News get vaccinated or show us their vaccine selfies?”

Why, indeed.

Stelter neared the issuance of a challenge:

“[I] say all of that to make the following point: Where are Tucker and Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham? Where is Ainsley Earhardt and Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade? Where are the biggest stars on Fox getting vaccinated?”

Matt agreed — it’s about being responsible:

“I think that Fox has a really unique responsibility here.”

To hear him tell it, Fox hosts have told the citizenry to never trust CNN or newspapers. Hence, viewers will only listen to them.


It’s an interesting idea, and it raises quite a few questions.

If Fox believes those on CNN shouldn’t be listened to, why would Fox listen to them about this?

Apart from that, we’ve been told for years that the viewers of Fox are old.

We’ve also been absolutely informed they’re dumb.

If both allegations are true where the country’s highest-rated news network’s concerned, it seems we’ve perilously devolved: Rather than age bringing wisdom, Americans are getting dumber as they mature.

But putting aside the issue of intellect, if Fox fans are long in the tooth, how many base their monumental moves on boob-tube talking heads?

For those of you antiques who regularly tune in to Tucker and the team, would you rely on their selfies where life and death are concerned?

If I had to guess, I’d say you haven’t based grave decisions on people inside your TV set since you were 15.

But perhaps my thumb is far from finding the pulse of the nation.

Gertz might guess so:

“[W]hen instead of telling their viewers, ‘Look, go get the shot, it’s in your interest, it is safe, it is incredibly effective, it will get us back to normal,’ they are raising questions about its effectiveness, raising questions about whether it’s dangerous.”

Bottom line:

“That does a lot of damage.”


“Steve Doocy should get vaccinated live on Fox & Friends. It would save lives. It would save the lives of his viewers. I don’t understand why they won’t do that.”


Whatcha think? Are you waiting for the Selfies of Sage Instruction to be your guide?

If so, they’ll hopefully soon come through.

In the meantime, I’ll lend you insight on how to look cool.

Haven’t been able to figure how to dress yourselves?

Fret no more.

Your old teen magazines’ve gotcha covered:

Feel free to send in your own selfies — as you culturally appropriate these legendary selfie’d looks for yourselves.

And whether or not you watch Fox News, protect yourselves from COVID, kiddos…



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