Obsessed, Much? Washington Post Runs 11 Hit Pieces on Tucker Carlson in Just Six Days

As we’ve reported on several recent occasions, the liberal media’s onslaught against Fox News host Tucker Carlson continues at full throttle as the left’s attempt to rid the airwaves of its most-feared — and fearless — enemy rolls on; an effort unequaled in recent times.


Sure, CNN went after Sean Hannity every now and then during the Trump administration, but Hannity lacks the depth of insight and foresight, critical thinking capabilities, and intellectual chops of Tucker Carlson, not to mention Hannity served as the hood ornament of the Trump fan bus every night without for fail for more than the four years, but I digress.

My point was, the left disdains Sean Hannity. But it fears Tucker Carlson.

As reported on Monday, the latest left-wing media frenzy over Carlson began late last week after an interview he did with conservative commentator and Fox News regular Mark Steyn, in which Tucker opined about “demographic replacement” —which the race-obsessed left refers to as “white replacement theory” — about which, CNN editor-at-large stooge Chris Cillizza published a ridiculous “analysis” titled “How the ugly, racist White ‘replacement theory’ came to Congress,” on Thursday, in which he used a featured image of Tucker.

The problem for Cillizza and like-minded leftists is demographic replacement is real, it has been occurring for centuries, and it will continue to occur long after these clowns have left the building. One wonders if they know that, or are truly that uninformed.


Demographic replacement happens when people in numbers from a demographic with one set of political views “migrate” into an area inhabited primarily by people with a different set of political views. If the migration continues, beyond the growth rate of the “current” inhabitants of the area, the demographics of that area — along with its voting patterns — change. This not rocket science. It is math. And it is not racist to state the truth.

Wait— never mind.

While nobody does silly histrionics better than The Most Trusted Name in News™, CNN ain’t got nothin’ on The Washington Post when it comes to torching Carlson — particularly over just the last week. As reported by NewsBusters, The Washington Post has published 11 hit pieces on Tucker in just six days — all in hyperbolic overdrive.

Let’s recap, via NewsBusters:

The onslaught started April 9 in the form of two articles, one of which was supposedly meant to be a news analysis article by the ever-pompous Philip Bump (disguised as an opinion) with the title “Tucker Carlson’s espousal of ‘replacement’ theory is both toxic and ahistoric.” 

Eight hours later, fedora fool and “Biden Republican” Max Boot offered the exact same take: “How do the immigrants who run Fox feel about Tucker Carlson’s anti-immigrant rants?”

The first of two actual news articles arrived on Monday, April 12 with Jaclyn Peiser’s xeroxing of the Greenblatt’s CNN interview in which he demanded Carlson to [sic] be axed because of his “open-ended endorsement of ‘white supremacist ideology.’”


Need a breath? Bump is a fool, I have no words (actually I do) to describe Max Bott, and the Peiser-Greenblatt silliness is not based in reality. Anyway, also on Monday:

The PR campaign went into overdrive with three more stories, including a wire story from the Associated Press. Two of them were columns, including Hack Madness champion Jennifer Rubin demanding Carlson be punished for his “venom” that propound[ed] White supremacist replacement theory” and fellow Never-Trump Michael Gerson saying that Carlson is a living, breathing example of “what mass-marketed racism looks like.”

Again, think about it. I watched Tucker say everything he said. Live. And I rewatched much of it as I wrote about it. Everything he said was demonstrably true. All of it. Yet, here we are.

Come Tuesday, come more Jennifer Rubin.

Rubin would further lampoon herself with another column on Tuesday claiming that the GOP has become a terrorist organization and that it’s an “instigator of…violence” and urged Americans to “spring into action” against them.

Here’s classy shot.

Then came three more shots at Carlson and Fox News for being greedy racists.

Three more pieces would follow thanks to Bump, “Plum Line” writer Greg Sargent, and lefty columnist David Von Drehle that, like the others, made the same point of Carlson and FNC being not only racists, but greedy racists.


Finally, a hit piece on Tucker’s “highly illogical case” for questioning vaccine effectiveness.

On Wednesday, The Fix’s Aaron Blake got in on the action with “Tucker Carlson’s highly illogical case for questioning vaccine effectiveness,” which took aim at his concerns with the coronavirus vaccines.

Tucker Carlson is without question the one person — the one thing, the left most fears: not only truth but also an audience of millions of Americans listening to that truth on a nightly basis. Truth to the left is holy water to a vampire. But the truth — and the reach — of Tucker Carlson? Like a stake through the heart of a vampire.

And perhaps the best part? Tucker laughs at their efforts, every night, and the laughter is genuine. How much must that reality sear the left?


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