The Demise of Andrew Cuomo Matches That of the Man He Aided, Harvey Weinstein

The Demise of Andrew Cuomo Matches That of the Man He Aided, Harvey Weinstein
Office of the NY Governor via AP

It only seems fitting his downfall replicates that of the predator he helped out years ago.

Despite a pandemic performance that should have seen him chased out of the governor’s mansion last summer by crowds, Andrew Cuomo is set to be removed not from his manslaughter record but from a more prosaic sex scandal. New York’s Serial Killer In Chief finds himself in the when-not-if timeline of removal because of his recidivist skirt-chasing, not for ushering in the demise of the most vulnerable in his charge.

But like his Covid response being a known entity, likewise his predations were not a surprise. Last week, as the pressure for him to step down ramped up, he made a telling decision when he retained the legal services of Elkan Abramowitz to represent him, as a federal investigation takes place looking into the nursing home policy decisions. Abramowitz is a curious choice, as he is a celebrated lawyer who has previously represented Woody Allen and Harvey Weinstein. That latter client is of interest here, as this is not the lone connection Cuomo has with Hollywood’s most notorious predator.

Back in 2018, Weinstein was dealing with a number of legal wranglings in New York. Andrew Cuomo made a sudden announcement that he would halt a six-month-long investigation into allegations of Weinstein’s involvement with sexual misconduct. Cuomo’s decision came just days after he received a $25,000 campaign donation from the law firm Boies Schiller & Flexner, which was representing Weinstein.

Making this all the more corrupt, the investigation that Cuomo put the brakes on was centered upon the exact same action. The state attorney had been looking into the matter that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance had elected not to prosecute Weinstein over one of his sexual assault allegations from three years earlier. The potential reason; in similar fashion, Vance had received campaign donations from Weinstein’s representation.

The issue becomes even more entwined with Andy’s office from there. The lawyer representing Weinstein who made the donation to Vance was — Elkan Abramowitz. And then, as if this were not already a tempest of self-interest conflicts, compounding the collusion is the detail that Abramovitz was a former partner in private practice with Cyrus Vance.

At the center of all of this inbred legal impropriety is Andrew Cuomo, and he is still in bed with the players from this ball of corruption. That the governor who shielded an infamous sexual predator is now accused in like fashion is enough of an issue, but that he is using the same representation as Weinstein, and that the lawyer was part of a donation scandal is enough to induce migraines. With all of these details already established, the media have been cheerleading for this corrupt politician.

One of the disturbing aspects in watching the rendering of Andrew Cuomo’s career is how the press is behaving as if they had not spent the bulk of 2020 propping up this failed politician. Cuomo’s disastrous nursing home policy was put into place in March 2020, and it was reported on by select news outlets soon after. That most of those were conservative-leaning meant the mainstream media took a contrarian posture, and Cuomo was deified for much of the year.

Chris Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo
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Now — following a best-selling book, an Emmy award, and glowing praise for most of the year — Cuomo is finally being reported on objectively. The mounting sex scandal surrounding the man, with seven accusers so far alleging serious harassment claims, has made him essentially dead in the water and the press feels freed up to detail his other scandalous behavior. Despite the thousands of geriatric deaths attached to his policy, his state at one time sporting more cases than all other countries, and statistics far worse than those found in the routinely criticized Florida, it took nearly a full year for the press to scorch him properly.

This is a man whose past record should have demanded skepticism from journalists. A governor stepping in to help out a notorious sexual predator is someone who would rightly be looked at critically. Instead, the man was performing comedy routines with his brother on CNN all while he was lionized in the press last year, potentially grooming him for the White House. The media is a cabal of sycophants who are equally corrupt in this entire fiasco.

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