An Explanation from Hollywood That Gina Carano’s Firing Due to Not Bowing to the Left

While long suspected it is now confirmed.

By now most are familiar with the tale of actress Gina Carano being fired from the Walt Disney property of the Star Wars universe. She had posted a meme on Twitter likening some of the thought police oppression we have seen of late to those tactics witnessed generations back, leading to the atrocities the Jewish people endured under Nazi rule. There were two primary accusations lodged by the outrage set on the left, and these provoked LucasFilm to dismiss the performer.


Both accusations, however, were incorrect. One of the accusations was that Carano had been insensitive and bigoted towards the Jewish plight, the other is that she was comparing her experience as a right-of-center performer in Hollywood to the atrocities of the Holocaust. This was based on her posting on Instagram a graphic with words declaring that Nazi propaganda led to the citizens turning on each other and eventually aiding the Nazi effort in turning in their neighbors. She then used this example to make a call for understanding and acceptance between people. 

Clearly, this was not an insult to the Jews in any fashion, and then the charge of her being bigotted towards them was undercut when she immediately announced a new entertainment project she would join with Ben Shapiro. To make the point, Shapiro is an avowed Orthodox Jew. The other argument is false as well, because Carano was not comparing herself to oppressed Jews, she was noting the actions and tactics of the German SS; she was pointing in the exact opposite direction.

Disney/Lucas displayed their lack of grasp in the comment they gave regarding her dismissal. ”Her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.” But what has since been revealed is the overall attitude in the industry. The Hollywood Reporter delivers what they call a behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of this issue. 


A number of other celebrities are listed who had controversial comments and/or tweets yet maintain both a career and a relationship with the studio. Conservative writer Christian Toto points out another example in Bette Midler, a woman who delivers not only far worse invective but does so far more often. Midler is currently working with the studio on ‘’Hocus Pocus 2’’, with no career interruption. So how are they all permitted to continue working? One voice reveals the subterfuge.

“I don’t know what people at Disney personally believe or don’t believe with regard to politics, but as a corporate entity, they want to stay as trouble-free as possible. And anything that’s going to offend the left is a problem,” says crisis PR rep Juda Engelmayer. “I have clients who are making an extraordinary effort to post what the social left wants to see.”

And there it is. The issue is not saying something deemed controversial, it is all about who considers it controversial. Even if an outrage develops from something spoken or written by a star, if the left generally approves or forgives the individual then everything is acceptable. Appealing to those right of center is a genuine threat to a career. Chris Pratt can attest to this reality. 


It is just refreshing to see someone within the dysfunctional industry giving a voice to the atmosphere and justifying the ire from the right, that the Hollywood Reporter noted in its piece.


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