On Meet The Press, Chuck Todd and Eric Dyson Insipidly Declare Trump Contesting Election Results Is a Racist Dog Whistle

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Well OF COURSE exploring voter fraud is a sign of racism…

On this weekend’s edition of “Meet The Press with Chuck Todd,” he delivered a panel who discussed the ongoing challenges by the Trump team over the election results in many states. One guest was Michael Eric Dyson, from Vanderbilt University, and Todd teed up the base charge of outrage as he turned to Dyson, indicating that the president was resorting to racist language. Said Todd by way of introduction: 

‘’President Trump is using old dog whistles to talk about voter fraud.’’ Chuckles then offers up his ‘’evidence’’ of this taking place. Donald Trump refers to ‘’The cities’’, as he discusses the contested voting results, and this is what is declared to be his use of coded racist language. As our own Scott Hounsell has laid out in a number of posts, the highly questionable voting returns have taken place in very specific urban locations. Now pointing out suspicious activity on a map is a dog whistle.

Dyson, of course, took this cue from Todd and ran with it.

He declares that Trump is ‘’attacking’’ the very fabric of our democratic process that gave him the job. Then he moves to the alleged racial component with vigor. ‘’But think about the dog whistle, that in some instances that have been far louder. He’s attacking Detroit, 79% black, he’s attacking Atlanta, 52% black, he’s attacking Philadelphia, 42% black, he’s attacking Milwaukee, 39% black. So we get what he is doing here.’’  

This lazy, boilerplate argument is done to only serve one purpose, and that is to demonize Trump in the shorthand fashion that has been used effectively for years. They disagree with his actions, thus it must be racism. Except this risible argument fails in a number of ways. 

First, in claiming that this is some kind of appeal to white supremacists what the genius minds of Dyson and Todd fail to present is what is the purpose. Exactly what is to be gained by the Trump team in supposedly sending out a ‘’secret’’ message to racists? There is absolutely no end game to result from this claimed appeal to the racist factions that are always mentioned yet never shown.

But there is an even larger detail invalidating this argument, and laughably it is one Dyson himself delivers. During his lecture the professor acknowledges this fact; ‘’He had an uptick in African American voting — about 5% among African American men, 4% among African American women — yet he still wants to whistle to white supremacists and white nationalists that he is still their guy.’’

Dyson is so married to the concept of racism he is incapable of pragmatically thinking this through. The argument over the years that Trump has been appealing to these racist phantasm groups fails in both theory and result. While the left loves to say he is appealing to this faction,  logic dictates it is foolish because it is not a substantive voting block. There is no measured gain to be seen. And if Trump is such an avowed racist how does the tag-team of Dyson and Todd explain the gains Trump saw in the black vote this month? Looking at the surprising return of POC voters moving to Trump there is no reason on Earth for Trump to appeal to racists.

Further, as Dyson admits there was a surge in blacks backing Trump, then these anomalies in the voting returns in the supposed ‘’black’’ areas showing imbalanced support for Biden that was not reflected nationwide is a matter of concern. It actually indicates these are specific returns that bear investigating. It also could mean something else the left normally yells about — suppressing the black vote. 

Of course these are topics that would never be explored by these elevated minds. Once “racist” is ever invoked, that is the sign that any thinking is henceforth suspended.

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