The Press Vacation Begins as Journalists are Announcing How They Will Refrain from Doing Their Jobs Under Biden

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour


That these professionals are incapable of embarrassment speaks to it all.

We all had the same suspicion with the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency; should warbling Joe take the White House the media complex would fall into Vacation Mode much as they did during the 8 years of a Barack Obama administration. The surprising aspect of this is just how fast theft are revealing this to be the case.


Joe has not been confirmed by the Electoral College, to say nothing of his being sworn in, and already the press has been in full fawning swoon mode. But looking beyond the trivial coverage there is something else in play. Across the media landscape they are already indicating the fashion in which they will not be doing their jobs, with curiously brazen admissions on how they will avoid committing acts of journalism.

To begin Politico has shown us the kind of incisive reporting we can expect the coming years. Ana Palmer and Jake Sherman write a newsletter called The Playbook, and they are taking things rather easy, so much so that it is calling into question just how much they actually write. The duo promoted the recent edition by cut-and-paste method, matching each other’s tweets, which pretty much sounded like it was itself a cut-and-paste from the Biden team press releases.


Next here is Andrea Mitchell, from MSNBC, who makes a statement about the Joe Biden team that absolutely defies reason and common sense.


She actually said this, that a huge crowd of career-long D.C.-entrenched politicians were ‘’not going to be political’’.  This can only mean that Mitchell is stating for the record that for the next four years she is not going to be professional.


The fact-checkers have also shown how they are going to be checking out under the Biden reign. Glenn Kesssler, the arbiter of facts over at the Washington Post, met the news of a dramatic coup taking place behind the scenes with a complete shrug. When looking at the announcement of Obama operatives seemingly pushing out members of the Biden team Kessler could not have been less interested.

Note how he is pushing this story aside while bringing up the Trump incoming administration. It is notable because four years ago, when similar actions were reported, Kessler was not as dismissive. He referenced a story from The Intelligencer that described the scenes in the Trump transition team as so out of control it resembled something from ‘’Game Of Thrones’’.


Kessler can probably have his future entries employing the byline, —Cabana, Caribbean Beach.


Interesting was a reaction from Toure’, who has essentially let everyone know he has not been doing his job for some time already. He put out the announcement in subtle fashion.

Seriously, we get that Joe has mostly hidden himself and not been engaging, but over the past 6 months how has he missed the Malaprop King on display?


At CNN they are actively cheer-leading Biden appointees, most of whom are long term political lizards. Bianna Golodryga thinks it is just super to see the familiar names brought back into the fold.


Just wait until the realization of not having Trump feeding CNN 24/7 hate-click content falls upon her network. When they come to terms with their slavish coverage of Biden leading to even more dismal ratings they will be begging for their favorite foil to run again in 2024.


What is helpful is when the media players actually show their true character in the public forum. Jennifer Palmieri is active in numerous media circles, but she is also a former Clinton operative and so deep in the DC swamp that she could have lily pads and Spanish moss hanging off of her. Here she is covering the appointment of another Biden cabinet position.

She ‘’gushed’’. A media member has admitted that was her reaction to seeing another swamp creature given the reins in D.C. — she is ‘’gushing’’. A couple of things are indicated by Jenny here. One, Sullivan knows he has a true ally in the press who will never slam or challenge him. But in addition, we can count on Jennifer never providing anything worth listening to in the coming years.


Just take as an example the glaring piece of incompetence she served up in just this tweet. She declares that Jake is not on Twitter as she calls him a ‘’very good friend — the man who has had a verified account for 5 years. You are henceforth excused from caring about anything else Palmieri has to contribute.

In fact, based on what we are continuing to see from the media complex, we may be excused from caring what the whole lot has to say.


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