Snopes Once Again Declares a Lie As it Proves the President Was Correct on Pledge Of Allegiance Edits At Dem Convention

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‘’While he was correct he was not accurate’’ is no way to go through life.

There was some head-shaking taking place in the early stages of the Democratic Party convention this week when it was reported that one of the moderators of a caucus meeting had led the Pledge of Allegiance and removed the phrase ‘’Under God’’ in the process. President Trump detailed this in his Twitter feed, and that got the fact-checkers over at Snopes to leap into action.


To the Spin-Mobile!!

The news correctors analyzed the situation and decided to report that the President was wildly misinforming the public on the issue. Then, in what has become a regular technique of the site, they managed to go forward and prove the President was accurate, while declaring his words as inaccurate. As it turns out out in their declaring Trump to have been lying they confirm that it was actually on 2 occasions at the convention that this took place.

In the piece entitled ”Did Democrats omit ‘’Under God’’ from the Pledge of Allegiance’’ Snopes emblazoned the claim with a bold red MOSTLY FALSE banner. Then it promptly goes ahead and confirms the accuracy. 

The phrase “under God” was omitted from at least two recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance at individual caucus meetings during the DNC in 2020.

The way they contort the explanation is that there was no official word handed down from DNC authorities forbidding the utterance of that passage. Also there were other times when the pledge was spoken which were made in the proper entirety. This is the site ”mostly peaceful’’ interpretation of things. 

More amusing is that deeper in the piece Snopes not only confirms that at two of the caucus meetings this omission played out but it provides a tweet from David Brody from CBN News to confirm this.


 The takeaway here can be boiled down to, sure – not once but twice they failed to include ”under God’’ in the Pledge Of Allegiance, but they did not do so EVERY time, so to suggest it happened is…mostly false. Even as they provide proof that it did in fact happen.

This is a case of Snopes praying that you did not read the entire piece on the issue.


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