The Idiocy of the Portland Protests Summed up Perfectly in One Tweet - One Business Delivers Sliced Up Logic

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Delusional thinking may have hit a new low…sure to be surpassed tomorrow.

As the city of Portland continues with its enduring franchise ‘’The Never Ending Protests’’ one amazing side note in all of the mayhem is the way so few have been able to learn from the enduring mayhem. As the idiocy and nonsense unspools on a regular loop and the contradictions from the messaging continues without resonating with enough residents. We may have just reached the prime example of the mental entropy taking place in the city.


Writer Michael Tracey detailed a story regarding a local business sympathetic to the cause. It truly is equal parts tragedy and comedy, all because it seems there is a measure of self-created pathos involved.

Man, so much is at play here in just one post. To start we see once again the story that has played out across the country with riots, that being businesses being supportive of the protests being targeted by the very mob they lend backing towards. It is always a surprise to these backers when the mindless mobs do not pay them any mind in the course of their destruction. They seem to expect the rioters to be on the lookout for allies, when all they see in front of them are targets.

The other aspect of this is the hilarity of backing a movement that is in opposition to the authorities, and even calls for the complete abolishment of police forces, and yet at the instant trouble arrives on their doorstep the knee-jerk reaction is to call on the very cops they so despise. We have seen this repeatedly in the past months, whenever the protests are met with any kind of stern pushback the first thing we hear from them is, ‘’The police didn’t do anything!’’.


This weekend when a Jeep drove through a crowd on a highway, when one protestor shot and killed after confronting someone with a gun, when a protestor was pummeled for blocking traffic, and another was outraged that a woman trying to get home dared to use the road where protestors confronted her, all shared two elements — they were protesting against police, and they wailed about the need for police the moment they were met with duress. It challenges rationality to see these fogged minds incapable of seeing the problematics of their message.

But as Tracey’s tweet displays, rational thought is not a driving force in this movement, especially in Portland. Why would a business owner who supports the movement not only miss out on the contradiction but also be unaware that their own mayor has put the clamps on the local police? In your support of the movement against the police you should be aware that they are also being kept on a leash and prevented from aiding you in your time of self-created crisis.

It also seems that the lesson was not learned, as the business is continuing in its efforts to feed the beast – literally. You have a city filled with unhinged and unthinking reactionaries and all you can think to do is encourage them by keeping them nourished. Hey, if you want assured destruction, I suppose that is your right. Just do not expect to be spared in the rampage. One of my followers put it rather succinctly.


This result is to be expected when a business want to nourish a movement that really only has an appetite for destruction.


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