From Loud Leftist Endorsements to Calling for More American Deaths to Suddenly Supporting the Border Wall, The Anti-Trump Squad has Been Adrift


Rubin explains why more Republicans than Democrats will die from Wuhan virus…also, she’s trash

When your principals are so easily forgettable for yourself then you cannot expect others to follow them.


It has been a tough week for the Never Trump crowd. Washington Post conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin has stepped up her unraveling in print. After starting the week by insisting that the doddering Joe Biden who has been ensconced in D.C. for decades is ‘’a breath of fresh air’’ Rubin came out today with an even more unhinged opinion.

If Biden is serious about winning he needs to accuse Trump of willingness to kill people.’’ She suggests, as a campaign strategy, Joe Biden begin accusing Donald Trump of murder — and she calls this a serious proposal. The only thing it suggests is she might be in need of some serious therapy.

Next is ”Republican campaign operative’’ Rick Wilson, the man who heads up the anti-Trump super-PAC The Lincoln Project. He joined Rubin in death marketing, suggesting a long used potter’s field in New York was to be dubbed ”Trump burial pits’’. Earlier this week both he and his group came out to endorse Joe Biden for the presidency. While itself, not a surprise, what is amusing is the collection of comments over the years made by Wilson that declared Biden to be mentally inept for office.

When he was exposed by this series of tweets he lashed out at critics, suggesting they were too stupid to understand. See, when he called Biden in the past a ‘’toddler’’, a ”moron’’, that he lacks ”intellectual horsepower’’ and that ”Biden could not organize a birthday party’’ but endorses the man today who shows ill effects of mental incapacity, it is all because of Trump! Wilson contends that Trump is so bad he has changed people who have a soul.


We should just ignore the blatant failings of this loud name from the True-Con brand. We are required to overlook that this man who claims to side with true conservatism has been unable to forward anyone close to a conservative candidate, so he attaches to the most expedient person as an opposition to the reviled orange man. Wilson has not failed in his lack of a viable opponent, it is the GOP that has failed in his mind, and so in order to adhere to the core principles of conservatism, he is backing a left-wing career statist with slipping mental faculties.

In a piece published today at the Never Trump news organ, The Bulwark Amanda Carpenter makes a jarring change of navigation with their politics. In an overlong treatise of discontent, Carpenter manages to erase at least 3 years’ of opposition. ‘’The guy came to power promising to build walls, deport millions, and travel ban his way into putting America First. Instead, the worst outbreak in a century happened on his watch.’’

Soooooo…after long opposing the prospect of a wall and calling the man a racist for his immigration enforcement, your crew on deck the Good Ship Bulwark now will blame the virus outbreak on his failure to build a wall and enforce stringent policies?! In order to brand the president for this pandemic, you need to cite as the cause the very elements of policy you have long opposed.


It is turning out that this group is seriously in need of a Trump victory in November, otherwise they face severe obsolescence. Those in the GOP will never be inviting this crew to return, and if Biden wins no Democrats will give them credit nor the time of day. If they no longer have Trump to wail about they will have nothing…which is also the sum total of their values.


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