Kamala Harris Attempts to Enter the Gun Debate but Gets the Streaks of San Francisco All Over her Shoes

Sen. Kamala Harris

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., speaks during the Democratic primary debate hosted by NBC News at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Thursday, June 27, 2019, in Miami. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)


In her effort to sound stern on guns Kamala instead shows her ignorance

Following the shootings in El Paso Texas, and Dayton Ohio the Democrat candidates have wasted no time rushing before the cameras to express every manner of outrage — even when they should have backed away…running. The bleating from Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders sure became muted once it was discovered the Dayton shooter was an ardent supporter.

Not to be left behind Kamala Harris decided she needed to get her comments out in public, like her brethren in the Democratic hopeful herd. She sent out a tweet that laid out some of her plans for gun control, and it can be said that there are going to be problems in her enforcement of this agenda.

Right from the start her staff should have gotten on top of this messaging and used different language. If Kamala, who hails from San Francisco, expects us to believe she is concerned with what is on the streets then maybe addressing the problem of human fecal matter and drug needles in her town would be the first step? It is so rampant they have interactive “poop maps” showing the deposited locations.


But on the issue of guns she displayed some harsh ignorance. The closing line in her tweet delivers some problematics. “As president, I’ll take executive action to ban imports of AR-15-style assault weapons.” Sooooo, we are going back to thinking Presidential Executive Orders are a good thing? It is hard to keep the position on this matter straight, as it seems to change depending on which party is in the White House. (Wait, I guess then it is not so hard to follow after all.)

But about that call to ban the importation of the “AR-15-style assault weapons”. While noting the use of that fluid definition allows for a widening amount of weapons to fall under that classification, what does she expect to achieve with this call for a ban on imports? The AR-15 is an American made firearm. It has been for roughly 60 years. Dozens of manufacturers make this popular weapon, so this will have the same impact as banning imports of Budweiser. But the good news is, I guess Kamala is encouraging to “buy American”.

Then there is this “weapons of war” claim that so many of the gun-nabbers love to hurl around. Military weaponry has been illegal for the public to purchase since the 1980s. They say this as if their claims will be made manifest if they repeat them often enough. Let’s just pull the pin and detonate these absurdities, shall we? For openers, the “AR” in the descriptor does not mean “Assault Rifle”. This class means “ArmaLight Rifle”, named after the company that created the gun.


When granted the patent in 1959 the company produced a semi-automatic rifle for the civilian marketplace. The AR-15 was not created for, nor is it a variation of a military grade weapon, and it never has been. Our military does not use the AR-15. The number of militaries across the globe that uses the AR-15 is exactly Zero. It was designed as and sold as a civilian weapon for about three generations now.

But Kamala Harris will cease the imports on a gun that is not imported based on its military classification that it never has held. This means her bold plan to end gun violence at the hands of this weapon will amount to ending no problems whatsoever.

In her attempt to step into the arena of the gun Debate Kamalaa has instead managed to step on one of those piles that are befouling her famed metropolis.


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