CNN Goes on Defense for Kamala Harris to Charge Racism but Needs to Overlook its Own Anchors Leading the Conversation

Sen. Kamala Harris
Screen grab: Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) – gets asked a question during her CNN town hall – 4/22/19.

As Stelter and company try to protect Harris they turn a very blind eye.


This may come as a shock, but CNN’s resident hall-monitor Brian Stelter went on an accusational crusade. What had the pundit-with-distemper in a pique this time was anyone daring to question California Senator Kamala Harris’ ethnic claims. She has of late taken up the mantle of the downtrodden POC, and this has had many coming forward to actually look into her background.

Harris has a mother of Indian descent, and her father hails from the island of Jamaica. While I’m not about to argue over her lineage (as that would imply a level of concern on my part that does not exist) there have been some to declare she is not legitimately able to be classified as ADOS — an “African descendant of slaves”. This devolves into a discussion of whether Jamaicans are classified as such, and how they choose to self-identify, and to those of us on the outside it is nothing but migraine-inducing white-noise (no racism in that term intended.)

The amazement in all of this is the outrage that people will dare mention the race of a candidate after said candidate voluntarily made race a central issue in their campaign. Such is the life of those who traffic in racial politics.

So as this dialogue has been brewing the folks over at The Tempest Agency — that being CNN — have stepped up to defend Kamala’s honor. Once Donald Trump Jr. dared enter this conversation Donnie O’Sullivan penned a piece in defense of Harris. CNN’s hall monitor Brian Stelter Tweeted out the article, sounding the alarm of outrage. Racism is alleged, and O’Sullivan credits Trump Jr. for seeing that it was “elevated to the mainstream” — not by Harris herself bringing up the subject on the nationally televised debate.


A user had sent a tweet to Don Jr. mentioning Harris’ mixed lineage, and he responded with “Is this true? Wow,”, in a now-deleted tweet response. CNN dutifully went to the Harris camp for comment. “This is the same type of racist attack his father used to attack Barack Obama,” Lily Adams, communications director for the Harris campaign, told CNN.

Question, the for the CNN pundits: If Don Jr. responding, with curiosity, is considered an “attack” then how would you and the Harris campaign describe your co-worker Don Lemon actively questioning Kamala’s racial integrity with a panel on his news program?! More than being taken aback by new information, Lemon actively argued that Harris was not “African American”.

Lemon got into the deep dive into Kamala’s racial bonafides with April Ryan:

To want the distinction to say ‘is she African-American’, or ‘is she Black’ or is she … whatever — there is nothing wrong with that. There is a difference between being African-American and being Black.”

Ryan then further muddied the waters with more muddled thinking.

So she could indeed be African-American mixed with others, but she is a Black woman,” she said.

Jamaica is not America,” Lemon said, interrupting her again. “Jamaica did not come out of Jim Crow. I’m just saying.”


Despite this CNN is trying to claim that clearly Don Jr. is the one making the Harris racial component a mainstream issue. Except that this exchange with Don Lemon took place in prime time — FIVE MONTHS AGO!

But here we get O’Sullivan, and Stelter, attempting to set off the responsibility of Donald Trump Jr., and giving the Harris campaign the chance to offset responsibility for it onto the President, by extension.

The Apple Network continues to display its patented slander that continues to drive away viewers.


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