Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 67 -- The Bi-Polar Get One Free Edition

Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

We had quite a divided program this week as Sarah brought the goods on some very serious news topics and events happening across the globe — and Brad did not. There was a government overthrow in progress, some potential violence at our border, and a Presidential candidate with some problematic global relationships which could influence a coming election.


Brad discussed comic book heroes and bathing suits. But he also had hard-hitting news, in the form of Great Britain citizens are auctioning off straws! There’s also nerd prom news, and what the Obamas are binging.



THIS WEEK’S THEME:The Theme from Avengers” ~ Alan Silvestri


  • Developments are continuing to ramp up in Venezuela, and we delve into what some of the repercussions may be in the international community.
  • They recently held the White House Correspondents Dinner, hosted by historian Ron Chernow. The notable aspect was his pandering to the press in the audience and promptly getting Presidential history incorrect.
  • Antifa is stepping up its aggressions, moving across the border to obtain weapons to aid those crossing into the country illegally. The authorities and the press are notably disinterested.
  • Brad crunches some of the massive numbers from “Avengers: Endgame” Basically all other movies should just give up.
  • Joe Biden has a few interesting entanglements he is facing regarding business relations he has with China. Oh, and also with the Ukraine.
  • In England the hysterics over plastic straws has led McDonalds to eliminate them entirely in their restaurants. This has led to many Brits auctioning off “vintage” McDonalds straws.
  • The Obamas business deal with Netflix is starting to lead to content showing up on the streaming platform, and we discuss what they have produced.
  • Sports Illustrated has gone the virtue signaling route, including a Muslim model in its annual swimsuit issue wearing burkinis. We try to figure out why.
  • Speaking of Joe Biden his campaign has left the gate in rough fashion. His campaign graphics are an issue.


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