Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep.41 -- The Miserable Ever After Edition

Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

Now 97.64% Kavanaugh-Free!!!
With a return to something at least resembling normalcy we get back to our strong suit, which is deep political intrigue, and shallow Hollywood self-centeredness. On the political front there is a wan attempt to keep the Russian we-promise-it-is-a-scandal brewing, and we play plumber to address leaks.


On the entertainment side we have returned to the usual imbalanced celebrity “thinking”. Disney is triggering, apparently, and while an actress visits D.C. Freud would have a field day with her architectural appreciation. There’s also sneaky reviews, leaky investigators, and runny noses!



THIS WEEK’S THEME: “Let It Go”” — Idina Menzel


  • The Mueller investigation plods along, and there is very little for the press to get excited about. Sarah also delved into Operation Chokepoint HERE.
  • Meanwhile at Treasury a document scandal erupts. Brad dons the tinfoil MAGA hat and finds an Avenatti connection.
  • Actresses who work for Disney bites the hand by carping about the princesses. Amnesty International joins in with their own corrupted fairy tale.
  • In Britain Kleenex bows to social pressure over making their product “man size”. Seriously, feminists thought this was a serious tissue issue.
  • Amy Schumer has a baby, and at the same time she has a cow over racism.
  • Claire Foy comes to D.C. and ends up having “Obelisk Envy”. The actress insults a swath of this country while asking them to go see her film.
  • The caravan marching through Mexico is trying to get here by election day — except the deadline to register to vote has already passed!
  • Brad and Sarah deliver their reviews on “A Star Is Born”, “The Haunting of Hill House” on Netflix, and the new “Halloween” in theaters. Brad also explores an original slasher from the 1970s.



Sara saw this from @RedSteeze who noticed Jim Acosta’s Twitter account is dedicated to his favorite person.

Brad found this variation on the Princess fairy tales if the SJWs imposed their standards on the story line:

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