Marble Halls & Silver Screens E.15 -- Rampage Across RedState

Covering the convergence of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment where it contributes to our culture.

A raucous episode this week as Sarah Lee and Brad are visited by Paul Young (@MoviePaul), a writer from Screen Rant. Paul and Brad had the chance to see RAMPAGE, the newest monolithic monster offering with Dwayne The Rock Johnson serving as the referee while three behemoths almost manage to do more damage to Chicago than Rahm Emanuel.


(Opening music: The Love Theme From Rampage)

(Not really sure that is the actual title; there was no love affair plotline)

(Except between The Rock and his gorilla)


Also on the episode:

— Was Syria a case of Donald Trump playing “Wag The Dog”?! (No, Rachel Maddow, it was Not, and we’ll explain why.)

— The King of Kong has his records stripped away by the Guinness Book of World Records.

— Apparently leftists and journalists have discovered the Simpsons, after 20 years. The only funnier than being lectured at about not laughing is when it’s a comedian who tells you something is not funny.

— We try to convince Paul to take us on a bourbon road trip.


The proper way to see a monolithic monkey movie is with a banana daiquiri.


Sometime’s it’s not the content, as much as the delivery. When one word nails the sentiment, you have won.




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