The Rampant Sexism of...The Minions




This weekend the fourth visitation of the evil-infused yellow sidekicks known as The Minions arrives in the version “Despicable Me 3”. The miniature mavens have been a hit with kids in both the theaters, and in the toy stores with a massive product line. So of course adults have to come in and dump on the proceedings.


Despite the fun and the wildly successful enterprise there is an underlying problem of poisonous proportions: Toxic Misogyny! It turns out that in the swarming battalion of banana-addicted evil doers there exist no females! In these days as we are well aware, this is problematic. One of many writers explains, responding to the suggestion the Minions are genderless:


Guess what? Not only does every minion mentioned have a male name, but they are also repeatedly referred to as boys with lines delivered like: “Growing boy creatures need their strength” or “Good luck in there, boys!” or “Buckle up, boys!” So, please don’t waste your time emailing me that a 6 year old kid won’t notice what gender these creatures are.


What goes unanswered of course is the supposed harm this delivers. Further, the Minions are, and always have been (according to the cinematic history) pure evil. They are forever in the need to be in the employ of a villainous entity. Why would feminists want to be attached to this?


The Minions are an entirely fictional creation in animated version of a non-existent species. This means it cannot be a misrepresentation. Yet the overheated activists will overthink this “issue”. It has been enough that The Wrap felt the need to approach creator Pierre Coffin for an explanation to this.


Coffin has said that the creatures cannot reproduce or divide themselves, leading to at least two competing theories. One is that ordinary humans are turned into Minions by a Minionizer, a machine similar to the one displayed on the Minions ride at Universal Studios theme park. Another is that they are essentially cloned from a single strand of DNA, as suggested by one of the short films.


These are the important issues brought up as a result of  social activism. But then the French animator gave the most sound reasoning behind the controversial gender composite. “Seeing how dumb and stupid they often are,” Coffin said. “I just couldn’t imagine Minions being girls.” So, there you have it; this is not misogyny at all.


Now we have a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why there are no female minions It is flat out, stone cold, unrepentant, toxic misandry!


Of course, we are very unlikely to hear the perpetually outraged activist set taking to the streets to explain how this is a hateful stereotyping of the male mindset. No, those who are prone to glitter and poster board activism are most likely to be in full agreement with Coffin’s assessment of males.


As for men themselves, being upset about such a hateful portrayal in cartoon form? When you find one that actually cares, please contact the website.

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