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Over recent years Hollywood has stretched the beginning of the summer box office frame. Willing to go weeks before the end of the school year some studios now open tentpole movies in April to begin cashing in on the blockbuster season.


Thus we are already beginning to be served up those Big Gulp titles — movies that are bloated, oversized, unsavory, and unfulfilling. Complex plots and nuanced characterizations will be far between for the next few months. Best to just check your analytical mind at the ticket booth and jump into a jacuzzi-sized tub of popcorn.

  1.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 — $145.049 million

A monster number to be sure, but consider the original “Guardians” was considered a surprise when it opened at $95 million. Drawing better than 50% higher is rather staggering,  even as it is a Marvel release. Earning 80% of the money of the entire top-10 films means there is a chance this space opera with a green woman, talking tree, and sarcastic raccoon could earn $400 million by the end.

  1.  The Fate of the Furious — $8.53m

This car-porn franchise, already on its fourth week of release, has never made sense, but that has never stopped it from making money. Who am I to ask why they would have their fleet of cars driving across an ice sheet with a submarine bursting out from below??? While it shows a drop off (it will fall short of the $350m made by part part seven) Universal is not crying to the accountants. This has already earned over $1 billion globally.

  1.  The Boss Baby — $6.17m

Desperately in need of a hit the struggling DreamWorks Animation is thrilled to have a money-maker for a refreshing change. This animated infant has shown to have legs as it is still in the top five after six weeks.

  1.  How to be a Latin Lover — $5.25m

Quite the surprise open last week sees the independent from micro studio Pantelion is still pulling in counter programming ticket sales, as 90% of sales were from a Latino audience.

  1.  Beauty and the Beast — $4.94m

Disney’s formula of translating its animated classics to live action will only continue. Two full months in theaters and this is still making an impact. The numbers are ridiculous: fast approaching $500 million domestic it has earned more than that overseas, for a $1.185 billion haul.

  1.  The Circle — $4.02m

As wildly popular as “Beast” has been, Emma Watson would rather you didn’t bring up this other title, co-starring with Tom Hanks. Taking a steep drop in its second weekend from a weak opening, the audiences have graded this with a D+ CineScore. It’s only down from here.

  1.  Baahubali 2: The Conclusion –$3.24

You are excused from not knowing much about this one, the biggest Indian film performance in the States. This sequel has surpassed the original, taking in $16 million while being released in just 425 theaters – making more than “The Cycle”, which sits in over 3,000.

  1.  Gifted —$2.05m

With the titans ruling most of the money the theory is for small budget independents to run around between their legs and snap up the scraps. Fox Searchlight has almost hit $20 million on this small pic, probably drawing the parental dollar while they let the kids watch crazy car stunts.

  1.  Going in Style — $1.9m

This remake of the 1979 comedy is actually going to be lucky if it is “Going To Break Even”.

  1. Smurfs: The Lost Village  $1.82m

This attempt to reboot the animated franchise was a disappointment, however it drew three times more overseas. Remains doubtful this is enough to warrant a sequel


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