300… Ways You can Roar like a Lion!

Promoted from diaries – Moe Lane

I got fired up at the Redstate gathering.

Leaving Atlanta, I felt as an elite warrior uniquely skilled to fight the progressive hordes threatening our nation. One of the Spartans, with a fierce grimace I intended to draw a line in the sand and hold my ground until the rest of the nation came to their senses and marshaled the voting forces to oust the enemy in 2010 and following elections.


Then Monday slammed me. I work hard, very hard at my job and travel constantly. I am also writing a book, updating a blog nightly, and contribute an immense amount of time as a recovery and treatment advocate and volunteer. Creeping at first, then utter certainty- deep in my heart I knew that I just didn’t have the time and for that matter the skill to make a huge difference in this very important struggle. There will be no Twitter tutorials for BBK, I hate Facebook and pray for the day it becomes passé, and I just don’t have the temperment nor the stomach to go toe to toe on a daily basis with our political foes.

I hate to say it, but in this battle I’m more kitten than Spartan.

But there is a way I can still make a difference- and that is to help outfit those that do have the unique skill set to wage this battle effectively. I’m no George Soros, quite the opposite in fact, but I am no stranger to sacrifice or frugality and have come up with a relatively large contribution. So I’m sending $300 to Caleb Howe, yall might know him as absentee at Redstate. He has already made an impressive stand, and is now going on the offensive… but he needs our support!


So if you want to make a real difference yet are like me and realistically know that any personal contribution will be limited in it’s scope or effectiveness- help me outfit Caleb or one of our many other Redstate Spartans. If you want to get in this fight, if you want to roar like a lion instead of mewling like a little kitten, dig deep and help our guys get in the fight!

The old ones say we Spartans are descended from Hercules himself. Bold Leonidas gives testament to our bloodline. His roar is long and loud. ~ 300

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