Europe Doesn't Want to Be Saved

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It hasn't been a good week for Europe, and the news isn't getting any better. In almost poetic fashion, the United Kingdom delivered itself into the clutches of the radical left on the Fourth of July, sweeping the socialist Labour Party into power. 


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Here's how that's going. 

Keir Starmer is the new far-left prime minister, and oddly enough, his plan to release tens of thousands of criminals didn't make it into the platform he ran on. Couple that with continued mass migration of Islamists, and you can guess how things are going to turn out long term. As bad as things have been in the United Kingdom over the last decade, the decline will accelerate. 

Then there's the French. After a surprise first round elevated the right-wing National Rally Party, the country's far-left, from Emmanual Macron to the literal communists, colluded to win the second round. That included pushing hundreds of candidates to strategically drop out of their races to ensure the left wing held enough seats to form a coalition. French voters happily played along. 

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As in the UK, the results were predictable. Win or lose, there were going to be riots because that's what European leftists do, with Palestinian flags marking the pro-migration messaging.  

I wish I could say there's hope for Western Europe, but the sad reality is that Europeans don't want to be saved. These elections weren't rigged. Voters chose this path, and now they are going to get the consequences good and hard. 

By 2050, Muslims are projected to make up 14 percent of Europe's population, but that's not evenly distributed. Many Eastern European countries held the line with sane immigration policies, leading to the largest growth of Islamism occurring in Western Europe, including France and the United Kingdom. From there, it's just a matter of time because Muslims nearly double the birth rate of native Europeans. 

What is the solution? There is no solution. Europeans are more concerned with not being called bigots than preserving their freedoms and cultures. The welfare state will continue to grow, the economic malaise will deepen, and the downward slope toward Islamism will continue, not because of some nefarious force behind the scenes but because Europeans wanted this


To that I say, I let it burn. You can only help those who want to be helped. The French, the Brits, and other surrounding nations do not want to be helped. They truly believe they can push forward with their left-wing ideals to form a better continent. They are mistaken, and eventually, they'll figure that out. By then, it will have long been too late. 

I will say this. When violence inevitably breaks out and Europeans once again look to the United States to bail them out, I have a feeling most Americans aren't going to be interested. Can you blame them?


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