WATCH: Pramila Jayapal and Joy Reid Laugh It Up Over Illegal Immigrant Rape, Make Sick Claim

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As RedState reported, an illegal immigrant from Ecuador was recently arrested in New York City for raping two 13-year-old children, including a girl in Kisenna Park. Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi committed the attacks in mid-June, claiming that he "got comfortable" as he recorded the deed. Audible sighs were heard in the courtroom as he described his actions. 


SEE: New Details Emerge on Ecuadorian Illegal Charged With Kidnapping, Raping of 13-Year-Old NY Girl

Inga-Landi originally crossed the border illegally in 2021. The Biden administration then released him into the interior, and his immigration status eventually expired. As so often happens, the illegal immigrant never showed up for any future hearings. Instead, he ended up committing heinous crimes while roaming the United States freely. 

How did Joy Reid and Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal handle the news? They laughed it up while dismissing any reporting on the matter as "fear-mongering." A fair warning, the following clip may make you nauseous and angry.

JAYAPAL: But there's a lot of answer your question.

REID: There's a lot of fear-mongering

JAYAPAL: You know, and I think it's kind of remarkable that the polls I look at, the national polls, actually, Americans still support immigrants. They still support immigration. It's just that they'd like to see a system that actually works and that can keep them safe and secure, and all of us want that. You know, I've been working on this issue for 20 years since before I came to Congress in the streets as an activist (laughs).

REID: Yes. Let me show you, this is one of the reasons that people have this sort of thinking. Here's the three cable networks' reporting of this. Our banner said, "Soon: Biden Announces Legal Protections for Undocumented Spouses of U.S. citizens." CNN's banner said, "Biden Announces New Protections for Some Undocumented Spouses. Here was Fox's banner. "Migrant arrested for raping 13-year-old in New York City.”

JAYAPAL: (Laughs)...Yes...

REID: And I think that's part of the problem

JAYAPAL: Exactly, That's part of the problem

REID: That you have a lot of fear-mongering


That's a congressional member laughing off a headline about a little girl being raped by an illegal immigrant. Worse, instead of citing that as the "problem," she cites "fear-mongering" about such crimes as the problem. It's hard to imagine a more morally depraved way to speak of the situation than that. 

You expect that kind of lunacy from Reid. She'd excuse literally anything if it meant propping up Democrats politically, and her dismissiveness is par for the course. No doubt, Jayapal is awful as well, but you'd think as a congressional member that she'd at least have the good sense to pretend to care. She doesn't, though, because she's far more concerned about keeping illegal immigration flowing than the ever-growing list of victims of rapes, assaults, and murders at the hands of people who have no business being in the country in the first place. 

In short, the way Democrats like Jayapal are handling these problems is pure evil. Calling the rape of children "fear-mongering" is a level of degenerative thinking I can hardly fathom.



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