Alvin Bragg's Case in Shambles After Michael Cohen Admits to Stealing From Trump and More

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It's not quite time for closing arguments in the New York-based criminal case against Donald Trump, but the crescendo is building. 

On Monday, disgraced felon Michael Cohen retook the stand as he continued to serve as the prosecution's star witness. The problem? Cohen is a proven liar and total scumbag, and Trump's legal team got him to admit that on the stand in no uncertain terms. 


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In a moment that set the internet on fire, Cohen admitted to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the Trump organization. 

I can't claim to know what the jury will ultimately decide in this case given how absurd and overly-politicized it is. I can say with some certainty that in any normal situation, having the prosecution's star witness admit to being a dishonest thief would be a death blow to the case's credibility. Remember, everything revolves around Cohen, who is now claiming to be a patsy who was just doing the bidding of Trump in cutting the check to Stormy Daniels. 

That wasn't the only gut punch to Bragg's prosecution, though. Trump's legal team later highlighted that Cohen had repeatedly told the press and others that Trump did not know about the payment. It wasn't until after the FBI raided Cohen's home and office that he changed his story. Again, the lack of credibility of Bragg's star witness is simply astonishing. 


This case is in shambles. There is no way that a jury should abide by this insanity. Bragg decided to use a convicted felon with a long history to prove his case, and that has been completely exposed. Not only that, it is now clear that the Manhattan DA chose not to prosecute Cohen despite him disclosing the crime of stealing from the Trump organization. All of this reeks of politics. 

Of course, the case being in shambles on a technical level doesn't mean much if the judge continues to operate as he has. All it takes is one juror to blow this all up, though. 


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