What Joe Biden Did at Morehouse College Wasn't Just Dishonest, It Was Pure Evil

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Unfazed by his falling poll numbers and an American electorate that is increasingly unhappy with the direction of the country, Joe Biden continues to appear in public without even a hint of contrition. Appearing at Morehouse College, a historic black university, the president repeated numerous falsehoods in an attempt to bolster his position with what was once one of his strongest demographics. 


As one would expect, Biden didn't exactly exude strength and competency as he spoke. Amid numerous moments of confusion, he sprinkled in a litany of dishonest proclamations, with many centered on racial politics. 

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Contrary to Biden's false statement, it is not illegal for "water to be available" while someone waits in line to vote in Georgia. Not only can people bring water themselves (which adults should be capable of), but a polling place can also provide water. The only thing outlawed is blatant electioneering by outside parties, i.e. political activists giving someone free stuff while trying to influence their vote. 

The mention of George Floyd is no better. Biden claims that black families have to give their kids "the talk," alluding to the idea that black children must be coached on being pulled over lest they be randomly gunned down by a police officer. That's a fear not born out statistically, but regardless, Floyd was not pulled over for being black. He was high on fentanyl while trying to pass a hot check inside a convenience store when the police were called


Biden wasn't done, though. He then went back to his mainstay: Blaming everything on "white supremacy": 

Joe Biden told graduating students of Morehouse College that American democracy has failed the Black community, but vowed to continue fighting “the poison of white supremacy”, in a widely watched speech to a historically Black college during an election year.

How exactly has "democracy" failed the black community? Had Biden said that in a historical sense, it'd be defensible, but that's not what he's doing. Instead, by once again touting "white supremacy" laced with numerous racially-tinged lies about the modern day, the president is purposely sowing racial division for cheap political gain. That's not just dishonesty. It's the words of someone who is pure evil. 

It takes a very deep sociopathy to pit people against each other by lying to their faces. Things aren't and never will be perfect, but Black Americans have more opportunities today than at any other point in history. Biden giving a commencement to a large class at an HBCU like Morehouse is evidence of that. To say that democracy has failed the black community is deeply destructive and will do nothing but reinvigorate racial tensions, in what is already shaping up to be the most heated presidential race ever. It is democracy through the American republican system that produced the freedoms that every race currently enjoys.


Biden doesn't care, though. He doesn't care if he pits neighbors and friends against each other. He doesn't care if he sets racial reconciliation back decades in America. All that matters is that he and his family get to keep profiting off of the presidency. Only someone with no moral center would do what he's doing. Biden is simply evil. 


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