Joe Biden Just Committed an Impeachable Offense, and Donald Trump Might Have Something to Say About It

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Joe Biden has committed his umpteenth impeachable offense. According to reports, the Biden administration has halted multiple arms shipments to Israel. That decision comes amid a domestic political crisis for the president in which he is desperately seeking to appease Hamas-supporting Democrats who have taken to the streets. 


The shipments are Boeing-made precision bombs and follow a ruse by Hamas to claim they had accepted a "ceasefire" just as Israel began its assault on Rafah. 

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In other words, Biden just committed an impeachable offense. Congress appropriated that aid to Israel. He doesn't get to delay it in an attempt to smooth over his political misfortunes at home. How do I know that? Because that's the standard Democrats set with their first impeachment of Donald Trump. 

The former president was impeached and given a trial in the Senate in early 2020 based on the idea that he had held up an aid package to Ukraine in an attempt to benefit politically (in this case, investigating Biden family corruption in the country). There is no tangible difference between that and what Biden is doing with this aid to Israel. Congress appropriated the money, and it is being held up by the president to benefit him politically. 


So when do the articles of impeachment get drawn up? 

Of course, that's rhetorical. Nothing is going to happen to Biden because we live in a country where there are two sets of rules depending on what political party someone ascribes to. Trump holding up aid (for arguably legitimate reasons) is the worst thing a president has ever done. Biden doing it for purely political reasons is fine, though. Just another day in the neighborhood.

With that said, this is another example of the president throwing Israel under the bus. He's so terrified he's going to lose the Islamists in Dearborn, MI, and with it, the presidency, that he's willing to hold up already-passed aid to an ally in the middle of the most crucial part of their operation against a terrorist group. If it weren't real life, you'd think it was a parody. 



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