WATCH: Colorado Democrat Goes Viral for Refusing to Condemn Hamas Slayings

AP Photo/Bilal Hussein

A Colorado legislator is going viral after he was filmed refusing to condemn the atrocities committed during Hamas' invasion of Israel on Saturday. State Rep. Tim Hernandez was apparently attending one of the many pro-Palestinian rallies that saw "protesters" celebrating the torture, rape, and murder that occurred.


When directly confronted with the massacring of civilians by Palestinians, Hernandez deflected multiple times and appeared to get visibly angry at the person questioning him.

Hernandez's X bio proclaims that he's an "organizer" and "Chicano" with "he/him" pronouns, making his political leanings hardly any great mystery. He's a radical Democrat who is too much of a coward to simply denounce the cold-blooded murder of women and children. The only people who find that difficult are serious. mental and moral issues that require some type of intervention.

While he claims he simply went to the rally to "listen," that's not the kind of event you just show up to. It's obvious that he was there to provide support, and that's evidenced by his response to the question. Sarcastically responding "What about it" when faced with Hamas' terrorism (and I feel like the use of the word terrorism almost undersells the horror that was perpetrated) is what a sociopath does. It's the words of a man who has zero moral center or ability to feel human empathy. 

To Hernandez, the Jews (and others) who were murdered are sub-human, unworthy of care. If he felt any differently, he would have shown it. He's hardly alone, though. Social media is currently loaded with disgusting content defending Hamas and denying the atrocities committed. If it were just the fringes doing that, that'd be one thing, but we are talking about elected Democratic Party politicians.


In a statement put out after the video of him went viral, Hernandez tried to excuse his behavior by suggesting that the situation between Israel and the Palestinians is "complicated." That may be, but there's nothing complicated about the murder of women and children in cold blood. One should not need further explanation or "nuance" (another word Hernandez used) to say that is evil. That Hernandez refused to do so speaks to exactly the kind of person he is. 

This is who the Democratic Party is. Sure, some of its members (including Joe Biden, to his credit) have said the right things about the attack on Israel, but people like Hernandez are still protected, and that's a big problem. Where are the calls from House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries to censure his own members who have come out to essentially defend Hamas? It's not enough to just say the right things personally. If you have people in your midst who are excusing the murder of women and children, there is a moral duty to speak out.


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