Anti-Israel Protesters Have No Moral Ground to Claim Now

AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu

Like me, you've likely been watching the grissly scene in Israel unfold and have seen some of the atrocities committed on innocent people. It's hard to watch, as it goes beyond soldiers killing soldiers. The animals that are Hamas do not discriminate in who they torture or kill. They have no humanity. 


This is why it was shocking, but not surprising, to learn that they had murdered 40 babies, some of them having been beheaded. 

The first-world mind may struggle to understand this kind of mentality but outside the trappings of civilization, there isn't one. Brutality is common and the strong prey on the weak with cold indifference. There is no justice. The innocent die along with the guilty with the innocent often suffering worse fates. This especially goes for places where Islamic radicals rule the land. 

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It's because of this first-world mentality that you often see social justice adherents cheering on moves against Israel. So spoiled are they by the safety the system they hate provides that they toss aside all common sense and root for whom they see as "freedom fighters" against their oppressors. You've likely seen quite a few clips of these people lately.

Don't think they don't see what's happening. They do, and they revel in it. They truly believe, in their false sense of moral superiority, that justice is being done. They do this as they lose all sense of what justice actually is.

For over a decade, the social justice community has beaten the general Western population, from America to the UK, with the idea that they are somehow our moral superiors. No matter the subject, it was their view of the world that was the most righteous. 


According to them, the world is racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, bigoted, xenophobic, fatphobic, patriarchal, and every social sin in between. According to them, all of society must follow their social rules in order to repent and stop the long string of oppression foisted on everyone but white men. 

I'd like to tell you that society saw right through this and these modern-day Pharisees were ignored, but they weren't. Even today, major corporations still follow the guidelines set for them by people just like these. DEI and ESG plague the corporate world while Hollywood prioritizes "inclusivity and diversity" in their creations, even if it makes no sense to do so. 

However, if you're even paying a little bit of attention, you'll notice that your moral superiors aren't moral at all. The things they advocate for are either destructive to the self or to society, and oftentimes both. Their hyper-reliance on social justice is oftentimes just an offensive against society designed to look like a societal balancing act. 

Behind all their "care" for humanity is the threat of destruction, economic collapse, violence, and even death. They detest the time-proven values Americans have come to rely on to keep civilization humming smoothly and advancing toward a brighter future. 

This self-image of moral superiority also damages the ones who believe it. As I've noted in the past, something happens to the mind when social justice is embraced wholehog: 


Imagine living a life where you have to see the dark side of everything. You can find no real happiness because even the most innocent moments are to be wrapped up in some sort of evil. You live in a world of constant anger, hate, bigotry, and unfairness.

That’s got to have some sort of effect on the brain. After a time, you’ll begin to see monsters where there are windmills, and you’ll charge at them with the full belief that you’re conquering some great evil that could bring humanity down at any moment. You lose all sense of reality and believe yourself to be the good guy–when you’ve actually become the very evil you believe yourself to be destroying.

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It's this bizarre sense of unwavering belief in a false reality that causes them to shrug off the brutal murder of 40 babies and cheer the death of innocent people. 

These are not moral people. The people who scream "racism" and "sexism" at you are not good people. They are either woefully ignorant or wholly seduced into evil. There is no in-between. 

And there is no excuse. Over the last few days, the world has borne witness to true evil. They have seen an actual example of a religious extremist ideology that is ruled by an uncompromising patriarchy with a heavily biased system of laws. They have been shown the example of everything they hate right in front of them, and yet they cheer it on. 


These people are not to be trusted, listened to, or taken seriously in any way. They have chosen their side and it is not with the side of good. They are enablers and supporters of evil. At best, they deserve to be mocked and ridiculed and should be opposed uncompromisingly. Like the religious extremists, these ideological extremists understand no nuance or understanding. They are immoral lunatics. 

And their influence on society needs to be ended yesterday. 

Americans need to understand that this is who they're up against at home and that they aren't a small group of radicals. These extremists infect everything from the media to political offices local and federal, to school boards and classrooms, and corporate positions from the bottom to the top. They aren't just anti-American, they're anti-good. 

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