MSNBC Goes to Bat for Hamas in Stunning Coverage of Palestinian Invasion

AP Photo/Ariel Schalit

The moment that Palestinian terrorists invaded Israeli and proceeded to rape and murder Israelis on Saturday, it was just a matter of time before an American news outlet debased itself. Sure enough, and likely to no one's surprise, it was MSNBC that stepped up to the plate. 


In an absolutely disgusting scene, multiple MSNBC hosts and analysts went to bat for Hamas while blaming Israel's "far-right" government for the attacks against the Jewish nation. 

Here's supposed journalist and Nancy Pelosi fluffer, Andrea Mitchell doing just that. 

In other words, it's the fault of the Jews that the Jews are being murdered in the streets, with their bodies being desecrated afterward. Imagine watching videos like this and thinking anything other than the monsters who ultimately killed her are at fault. 


Mitchell knows better. I'm not saying she believes better, but she's smart enough to know that what she's saying is nonsense. Palestinian violence is not predicated on "settlements" or "right-wing" Israelis. It's predicated on wanting to commit genocide against Jews and conquer Jerusalem. It's not more complicated than that. 

Somehow, Mitchell's take wasn't the worst on her network, though. That award goes to this absolute ghoul. 

It gets no clearer than that. MSNBC supports Hamas. They want Israelis to be killed with impunity while having no right to defend themselves. That's exactly what that analyst is saying when he whines about Israel's government while then suggesting it would be ludicrous to actually take out Hamas in response. 


To answer his questions, the answers are all yes. Israel should re-occupy the Gaza Strip. Leaving it in 2005 has been an abject disaster and has done nothing but foster terrorism and misery, including for those living there. As to the rest, why wouldn't Israel seek to kill every Hamas leader? This doesn't stop until there is no more Hamas. It seems that Ayman wants a "proportional" response, and I don't think Israel is interested in that strategy this time around nor should they be. 

Where are the executives at MSNBC? Is this really what they want their network to be? Perhaps they agree with this kind of stuff, though, because ultimately, if nothing is done about it, then they are condoning it. 



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