Joe Biden Has 'Let Them Eat Cake' Moment Plugging New 'Dark Brandon' Mug

Credit: Joe Biden/Twitter

Things haven't gone well within the United States over the last several years. Price increases have ravaged lower and middle-class bank accounts, with food and energy costs exploding since President Joe Biden took office. In response, wages have failed to keep up, putting people in a net negative position. Meanwhile, interest rate hikes that were meant to offset said price increases have put homeownership out of reach for most Americans. It's a perfect storm of economic malaise, and it's taking its toll.


Good news, though. While you might be struggling to put bread on the table, the president has a solution. You can just get a new color-changing mug!

If you can't watch the video, it's of a feeble-looking Biden saying "I think you should buy this mug." He then says "I'll ask you nicely" while pouring coffee. At that point, he says "But he won't" and more ominous music begins to play. The camera zooms in and the aviator sunglasses on the side of the coffee cup change into "Dark Brandon" eyes. The clip ends with a promo to "Get your color-changing mug today." 

I understand that campaigns have to do some cringey stuff to raise money. Still, which one of Biden's handlers thought it was a good idea to pull out the "dark Brandon" meme and slap it on a cup in the midst of grocery prices being 20 percent higher over the last two years? There are some things you should just let lie, and any attempt to make Biden, an 80-year-old, senile geriatric, seem cool is one of them. They aren't going to make fetch happen. 

Besides, the entire fake persona being created isn't even believable. Biden is completely subservient to other nations. Anytime he's at the G7 or the G20, he spends his time bending the knee and giving away taxpayer money. Domestically, the Southern border is a mess and the last legislative battle he entered, he lost to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The president has also been slapped down by the Supreme Court time and time again. So tell me, who exactly is scared of Joe Biden these days?


Leaning into economic failure is a strategy I suppose. It just seems like a really, really bad one where I'm sitting. Perhaps Biden and his handlers are right that dislike for the Republican Party will override the realities permeating throughout the country. I just wouldn't want to be the one making that bet. In the meantime, please, do not go buy a color-changing "Dark Brandon" mug. 


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